Young, Attractive, and Conservative? Watch Out

 To paraphrase a Jack Nicolson line in One Flew Over the Coo-Coos Nest, the cultural left “likes a rigged game.”

That’s why over the last couple weeks, they’ve been delighted to watch people with dissenting opinions get de-platformed all over social media.

If there’s one place where progressives’ ideas are being absolutely clobbered, it’s on social media. In fact, it’s the only place. It is only there, videos made by independent journalists catch fire. We begin talking about subjects in a way agenda-driven news outlets don’t want us to talk.

And, baby, we sure can meme. 

Those discussions, that mix of humor and ideological warfare, along with waning trust of traditional media sources got Donald Trump elected president against all odds, with the people running the show all smugly reporting he’d lose by double digits.

Over the last few weeks, social media companies have amped up efforts to intimidate and purge influential conservative voices: young, good-looking, talented people, like me. 

My latest crime? According to Facebook, something I posted didn’t follow their “Community Standards.” What sort of horrible, harassing, racist, hateful thing did I post?

Brace yourself. I said “Silly Liberals.”

PawL BaZiLe on Twitter

This is insane!!! “Silly Liberals” gets you suspended on @facebook ??? What wrong with this picture?? #retweet @Gavin_McInnes @Chadwick_Moore @MartinaMarkota @joebiggs2 @CassandraRules @michaelmalice @AnthonyCumiaxyz @FoxNews @lucianwintrich @scrowder @jordanbpeterson

30 days in Facebook jail for that. Silly Facebook. 

I’m far from alone. CRTV’s Gavin McInnes is the founder of the Proud Boys. Proud Boys are his revival of the men’s clubs of yore with a punk-rock twist. We are a social club designed to celebrate western culture; we are pro-speech, pro-gun, pro-drug legalization, pro-family, anti-racist, and pro-prison reform. Most of our members identify politically as conservative or libertarian.

McInnes is banned for 30 days for being an administrator of the Proud Boys Facebook page, a private, invite-only group, with the digital overlords citing the club logo–an image of a rooster–as the violation of these mysterious “community standards.”

Gavin McInnes on Twitter

After criticizing Soros and the SPLC on FB I’m banned from commenting and also booted from Medium. I’d just like to say… 1/2

Gavin McInnes on Twitter

George Soros is a wonderful person who will save the world from itself and Medium is the last bastion of free and open discussion. 2/2

Over a dozen other Proud Boys’ Facebook page administrators, including myself, all received a warning shot on social media at roughly the exact same time.

Proud Boy Magazine’s Twitter account, which only shared articles, was permanently suspended a couple months ago and forced to start anew. The Proud Boys public page on Facebook, with 20,000 followers, was permanently shut down.  

No Title

No Description

Here’s a timeline of events over the last three weeks that we believe led to this particular streak of targeted harassment against us.

  • The Southern Poverty Law Center put the Proud Boys on their watch list for “general hate”. They cited antifa blogs, off-color jokes, hyperbole, and crude language from supposed members no one has heard of, as well as outright falsehoods they refuse to correct.
  • Facebook then disciplined multiple conservatives, with a special focus on the Proud Boys.   
  • Twitter then implemented a “bot” clean up where right wingers were locked out of their profiles and lost followers.
  • Revelations come out that the SPLC has special flagging privileges on YouTube.
  • Conservative YouTube Channels with billions of interactions, like Alex Jones’s channel, are frozen and the sword of Damocles hangs over their head with the threat of permanent removal.
  • CNN promoted the removal of Jones’ channel, Info Wars, on YouTubes’s platform.

It’s reasonable to ask, does the far-left, unregulated, and unelected SPLC also hold flagging permissions for Facebook and Twitter as they do with YouTube?

Perhaps it’s all a coincidence, perhaps correlation doesn’t equal causation, but if the SPLC lobbied for, or were courted by, YouTube to flag videos, it would stand to reason their fingers might be on the censor buttons of other platforms.

I’d love to ask Facebook, but I can’t. Facebook is a multi-billion dollar company with millions of costumers –like myself, who pays good money for ad space–with virtually no costumer service line, unless you’re a verified celebrity or major news outlet. 

You can send a message to Facebook Support, which seems to be as effective as putting a note in the suggestion box at the DMV. 

If these companies don’t change, it’s either regulation or a free market fix. The latter is beginning, and I hope it sticks. Conservatives and free-thinkers are seeking out other ways to communicate. The Proud Boys already started “Proud Boards.” It is a forum for Proud Boys and our sister group, Proud Boys Girls, to share videos, links, pictures, and ideas for club members around the world. 

More forums like this, big and small, will pop up everywhere. Steve Bannon once warned of the leftists running the tech world wanting to put us in a “digital gulag,” and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do. Bumble even announced banning guns in pictures on their dating app.

When we create our own forums, no doubt they will become a target and there will be outcry to shut them down eventually. It’s because elements of cultural idealism are looking to erase us, therefore nothing but total silence will satisfy them. Their terms and conditions are just wallpaper.

All the trouble these multi-billion dollar companies are going through reveals one thing–we are effective. They can’t even win at their rigged game. Their only recourse is dirty tricks.


Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of articles featured on DANGEROUS to highlight censorship and harassment of center-right, conservative, and libertarian voices by large technology companies.

Pawl Bazile is a journalist and the Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @PawlBazile

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Pawl Bazile is Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. He tweets at @PawlBazile.





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