Sargon of Akkad Attacked on Stage by Leftwing Thugs in London [VIDEO]

A talk hosted by Carl Benjamin, better known by his YouTube moniker Sargon of Akkad, at King’s College London was interrupted as Antifa thugs stormed the venue and started throwing punches.

By the end, they were unmasked and physically removed by attendees.

The black-clad protesters who were promoted by a group of Marxists called North London Antifa attempted to assault Benjamin in his talk hosted by the KCL Libertarian Society. Benjamin, a classical liberal, faced wrongful accusations of being an “alt-right” vlogger for his support of Brexit and criticism of Marxism.

Benjamin was invited to hold a discussion with author Yaron Brook, an Objectivist and chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute to speak about political correctness and other contemporary political issues.

Displeased by the presence of the “controversial” figures, protesters initially tried to disrupt the event by chanting loudly outside the King’s College venue before making their way into the auditorium.

Footage of the masked men made the rounds on social media as Antifa radicals stormed the stage to confront the speakers. A man who confronted Benjamin on stage was captured wearing sap gloves, which are considered illegal in the United Kingdom when used in a public place. The weapon is illegal in several U.S. states.

Benjamin’s audience retaliated by unmasking some of the thugs before physically removing them from the spot, urged on by anti-communist shouts. As seen in footage, Antifa protesters were immediately confronted by attendees, one of whom was placed in a headlock and punched as he shoved his way through with an Antifa flag.

Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter

Here’s the video of them getting kicked out with their tails tucked behind their legs.

Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter

And here’s them getting kicked out of the lobby by security.

The National Student reports that protesters assaulted attendees and set off smoke bombs and flares at the campus, and pulling the fire alarm.

Teuta on Twitter

Strand building evacuated after protest turned violent (Vid: Carys Hughes)

“We will continue to pursue our goal of resisting any threats to freedom of speech,” said a spokesman for the KCL Libertarian Society to the Evening Standard. “By continuing to plan the range of events and campaigns we have in store, in order to encourage productive dialogue on a wide range of topics. The event has now been cancelled and evacuated after threats to the moderator. Speech, no matter how controversial, should never be met with violence.”

As noted by Brandon Morse for RedState, “Antifa is itself a fascist group that accepts all the radical leftist ideals it can, and will happily resort to the destruction of person or property in order to achieve its goals. It seems this time they were ill prepared, however, likely believing that their opponents would retreat to safety, and that the event would be canceled. However, the crowd that attended Benjamin’s talk was far more willing to engage in self-defense than Antifa had obviously anticipated.”

Antifa’s attacks on proponents of free speech extends well beyond the United Kingdom. Late last month, members of the alt-left domestic terrorist organization physically intimidated citizens in Phoenix in an attempt to prevent MILO from speaking at an event.


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