ARROZ: Emerald City Comic-Con Joins Growing List of Mixers to Exclude Straight, White Men

In 2018, the gatekeepers of geekdom have upped the ante in rampant discrimination through identity politics.

They’ve taken to conventions, places where fans can meet professionals, talk, buy merchandise, and typically have good family fun. That is, unless you’re conservative, white, or male.

Several geek conventions this year have shown support for the destructive practice of segregation. More than 50 years after the Civil Rights Act, SJWs stopped fighting for equality, and now have pushed their extremist political agendas to actively attempt to hurt people of “wrong” identity groups.

It Started With Worldcon

Worldcon, short for the World Science Fiction Convention, was the first convention to try to dehumanize people they see as their political opponents, telling right-leaning authors they are not welcome at the event. The convention openly discriminated against me after I voiced my concerns for the safety of conservative authors to the convention chairman, Kevin Roche:

Roche did not respond to my email, but instead banned me from the convention in January of this year, stating I “intended to violate their code of conduct.” They did not specify what part of their code of conduct I intended to violate, because I never said any such thing. They went on to call me a “racist bully” on their website. This unprecedented banning was purely over my being a right-leaning journalist and commentator. For context, they haven’t pre-banned anyone from Worldcon since 1964, when they banned known pedophile Walter Breen–not for the whole convention, but for one day.

The implication that my free speech is somehow worse than Breen’s criminal behavior is abhorrent.

I’m in the process of filing a discrimination and defamation lawsuit against Worldcon to ensure right-leaning creatives’ right to speak and assemble at events open to the public. You can read more about my fight here.

East Coast Comic Con Hates Kevin Sorbo

Only a couple of weeks after WorldCon made their shameful move, East Coast Comic Con decided to up the ante for discrimination against right-leaning professionals. Their target this time was Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo.  Convention organizer, Cliff Galbraith, posted this to social media:

Galbraith’s SJW pals on his Facebook feed cheered the move, as if he were some freedom fighter by openly discriminating against the popular actor because of his associations. Kevin Sorbo reacted to his ban in an interview with the Federalist, saying, “[It’s] too funny. I love the lefty insecurity. Ooooh, they are so brave. I guess I scare them and they need to hide in their safe spaces. Tell the commies I am fine not being part of their so-called Con.”

ReaderCon Age And Race Discriminates

ReaderCon, another east coast-based science fiction convention, decided to purge a number of well-established authors from their guest list this year. What did they have in common? Jeffrey A. Carver, author of a popular Battlestar Galactica tie-in novel and disinvited guest, said this on his blog, “A number of older, white male writers… have received the same email.”

This was the first convention to appear to purge people based on age, race, and sex. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an isolated incident, but part of a larger trend.

Emerald City Comic-Con To White Professionals: Don’t Mingle Here!

As one of the bigger comic-cons on the west coast, ECCC has a lot of industry sway. This last weekend, the Seattle-based convention held several mixers for professionals to network:

So diverse. You might note an absence of a few groups, however. Whites, males, or straights seems specifically excluded from the networking opportunities. An author who wishes to remain anonymous for their own safety sent a message to the convention inquiring about it:

Emerald City Comic Con decided to make identity politics its basis for industry networking, rather than just having a place where professionals of all stripes could attend. This goes beyond segregation, but is open discrimination against straights, whites, and males. Your humble DANGEROUS correspondent attempted to be helpful for the convention to make it more welcoming to these marginalized majority groups for next year’s convention:

I have yet to receive a response.  

There is active, illegal discrimination going on at these conventions, events open to the public. Some states’ rules on this are stricter than others, but they are all acting against the spirit of America in their exclusion of people by race, sex, and creed in gatherings that are supposed to be fun places to geek out.

Jon Del Arroz is known as the leading Hispanic voice in Science Fiction. He is a multi-award nominated author best known for his hit Steampunk fantasy novel, For Steam And Country. His new novel, The Stars Entwined, is out March 20th. He blogs at and is on Twitter: @jondelarroz

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