Street Artist Sabo Trolls Hollywood on Eve of the Oscars

In the cover of night, street artist Sabo and his band of merry guerrillas pasted over three billboards in Los Angeles early Wednesday morning.

The street artists scaled rooftops at the intersection of Wilshire and LaBrea in 40 degree pre-dawn hours of Wednesday morning, pulling off a feat reminiscent of Gotham City’s Caped Crusader, draping billboards in a pink cover that read, “AND THE OSCAR FOR BIGGEST PEDOPHILE GOES TO…” 

A source with knowledge of the artist told DANGEROUS Sabo prepped the stunt for weeks, scouted the location and arrived in a loaded van in the middle of the night equipped with headlamps, hoisting cables, zipties, and pocket knives.

via The Hollywood Reporter

The artist Sabo has made a ruckus around Hollywood recently, papering the city with posters featuring Meryl Streep’s face and the words, “SHE KNEW,” a reference to the starlet’s close relationship with disgraced filmmaker and serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. 

He also targeted anti-Trump late night host Jimmy Kimmel with a series of posters and park bench ads with the comedian’s tearful face, reading “The Jimmy Kimmel Estrogen Hour,” and put up a sign near the site of a car accident caused by Kimmel that read, “[RIGHT TURN ONLY] THIS INCLUDES IDIOT COMEDIANS.”

The 90th annual Academy Awards, hosted by Kimmel, airs on March 4.

via The Hollywood Reporter

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