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Russian Forces In Syria Admit To Humiliating Defeat By U.S. Military [AUDIO]

Leaked audio of Russian mercenaries operating in Syria reveal the extent of their defeat in a disastrous engagement against superior US forces.

They didn’t stand a chance.

The audio recordings, which were first published on Polygraph, a fact-checking website run by Voice of America and Radio Free Europe, corroborates reports from international news agencies like Reuters and Bloomberg that claim hundreds of Russian military contractors died or were wounded in battle against American military forces.

Polygraph reports that the audio recordings were provided to them by a source close to the Kremlin.

According to the Pentagon, forces loyal to the Syrian government launched an “unprovoked” attack on US forces across the Euphrates River, which serves as a natural border between American allies and Russian-backed forces, which includes Syrian army units, militias, and Russian mercenaries.

Russia is believed to be employing military contractors in Syria to maintain deniability for military action in the region.

Multiple companies consisting of up to 500 soldiers from the Russian side reportedly opened fire on the American position—a deadly provocation that US forces swiftly gave answer to in the form of airstrikes and artillery fire.

The audio recording from Polygraph is made up of demoralized Russian testimonials in the aftermath of the US counter-strike, and contains facts counter to the Kremlin’s official report on the matter, which initially denied that there was a heavy presence of Russian nationals in the battle.

According to Business Insider and Reuters, a Russian Foreign Ministry representative first said that only five of its citizens died in the clash, later updating the claim to state that “several dozen” Russians were wounded, and that only some had died.

The Polygraph recording directly disputes this. Voices can be heard stating that 200 soldiers from one company died immediately in the American airstrike. Quoting the Pentagon, Reuters estimates that over a hundred Russians died in the battle, but adds that Russia may have sacrificed some of its troops—as well as the Syrians—to gauge the formidability and effectiveness of America’s military prowess.

Polygraph transcribed and translated much of the dialogue:

“The reports that are on TV about … well, you know, about Syria and the 25 people that are wounded there from the Syrian f*** Army and — well … to make it short, we’ve had our asses f*** kicked. So, one squadron f**** lost 200 people …right away, another one lost 10 people… and I don’t know about the third squadron but it got torn up pretty badly, too… So three squadrons took a beating… The Yankees attacked… first they blasted the f*** out of us by artillery and then they took four helicopters up and pushed us in a f*** merry-go-round with heavy caliber machine guns….They were all shelling the holy f*** out of it and our guys didn’t have anything besides the assault rifles… nothing at all, not even mentioning shoulder-fired SAMs or anything like that…So they tore us to pieces for sure, put us through hell, and the Yankees knew for sure that the Russians were coming, that it was us, f*** Russians… Our guys were going to commandeer an oil refinery and the Yankees were holding it… We got our f**** asses beat rough, my men called me… They’re there drinking now… many have gone missing… it’s a total f***-up, it sucks, another takedown….Everybody, you know, treats us like pieces of sh*** … They beat our asses like we were little pieces of sh***… but our f*** government will go in reverse now and nobody will respond or anything and nobody will punish anyone for this… So these are our casualties…

“Out of all vehicles, only one tank survived and one BRDM [armored reconnaissance vehicle] after the attack, all other BRDMs and tanks were destroyed in the first minutes of the fight, right away.”

“Just had a call with a guy; so they basically formed a convoy, but did not get to their f*** positions by some three hundred meters. One unit moved forward, the convoy remained in place, about 300 meters from the others. The others raised the American f*** flag and their artillery started f*** ours really hard. Then their f*** choppers flew in and starter f*** everybody. Ours just running around. Just got a call from a pal, so there are about 215 f*** killed. They simply rolled ours out f*** hard. Made their point. What the f*** ours were hoping for in there?! That they will f*** run away themselves? Hoped to f*** scare them away? Lots of people f*** so bad [they] can’t be f*** ID-d. There was no foot soldiers [on the American side]; they simply f*** our convoy with artillery.”


Sources: Polygraph, Reuters, Business Insider.

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