Meet Luis Padron, a ‘Trans-Species Elf’

In a world full of those who claim to be trans-age, trans-racial, or even just full of transfat , society often begets the question: what could possibly come next?

Meet Luis Padron, a “trans-species elf.”

Padron, from Argentina, has spent over $62,000 so far on his transformation into an elf, racking up a huge bill from his painful cosmetic surgeries. So far he has had liposuction on his jaw, a nose job, laser skin bleaching, surgery to change his eye colour six times, his ears reshaped, full body hair removal, and had his jaw broken and reshaped to make it pointier.

Padron is currently looking at having surgery to turn his eyes “crystal blue” though the surgery could potentially leave him blind.

Padron appeared on ITV’s This Morning in the U.K. to discuss his extreme surgeries with TV presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

“It all started a long time ago. I always loved fantasy movies and books and stuff and it was always a part of me but it wasn’t until recently that I wanted to exteriorise myself…It all started with bullying – that’s how I liked enjoying the fantasy,” he said. 

“I started liking so much the fantasy characters like mermaid, elves and aliens.

“When I was 14-years-old I bleached my hair and dyed it in fantasy colours and used contact lenses but decided I needed more.

“I saw this Barbie girl transformed herself with plastic surgery and decide I needed that to be who I wanted to be.”

However, Padron admitted he recognized the dangers of his extreme body modifications:

“This surgery has changed my life completely in many ways. My family wasn’t supportive at first as it’s plastic surgery.

“I’m putting my life at risk just to chase a beauty dream. Once I started the surgery they realised it was making me happy and changing my life economically, making me friends and famous, so they started to be supportive.

“They comprehended what I wanted to become and learned I always research about my surgeries. I’m not going to any butcher to do that I’m going to professionals.”

Social media users flocked to twitter to voice their opinions on the interview:

Chris Avern on Twitter

@thismorning Said it more then once today but eBay £10 exactly the same treatment. Seeing as the saving is so massive Martin Lewis should be all over this!

Danny Williams on Twitter

@thismorning Maybe he should’ve spent that money getting his mental elf issue sorted out!

Nikkisaurus Rex ? on Twitter

@thismorning Bit unusual, but if he’s happy and not harming anyone then leave him to it ?

Stephanie Morningstar #lucifersaved on Twitter

@thismorning Fab! If people can spend money to look like a ken doll or a Barbie why not an elf ? ? at least he actually looks like the thing he’s spent money on to look like ??

At this rate, it won’t be long before Justin Trudeau declares ‘trans-species’ a protected class.

feature image via The Sun

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