UK Court Hears of Plot to Rape and Dissolve Children in Acid for ‘Top Political People’

A UK court has heard of a sickening plot to abuse children for “top politicians”.

28-year-old Gihan Muthukumarana told undercover police that they could make £10m by raping children on camera and selling the film footage to “top political people.” Muthukumarana also claimed that they could dispose of the young girls by dissolving their bodies in barrels of acid.

Muthukumarana, who claims to be a writer, appeared in Southwark Crown Court this week after being accused of plotting to kidnap, rape, and beat young girls. An escort who Muthukumarana regularly met for sex tipped off the police after learning about Muthukumarana’s plan.

Muthukumarana met the escort in Hounslow, west London, between April and November 2015 and caused “increasing concern.” Prosecutor Catherine Farrelly told the court that Muthukumarana had told the escort “he had previously slept with a twelve-year-old, which he said had happened outside the UK.”

He also told the escort:

“In September 2015 he told her that he had a business proposition that he wanted to discuss at the end of their session.”

The proposition, according to the prosecution, was for the escort to join in with the child abuse. He claimed that he had “contacts in arranging for these things to happen.” The court also heard that, whilst Muthukumarana was having intercourse with the escort he “made comments encouraging her to think about f**king young girls.”

The escort reported Muthukumarana to Crimestoppers in November 2015. The undercover police soon began to investigate.

An undercover police officer going by the name of ‘Donna’ met with Muthukumarana between the 28th of January and the 4th of February 2016 to discuss the “business proposition.” Muthukumarana told the officer that he “would make her millions of pounds” and that she would be “protected because those buying the film were top political people.”

Farrelly told the court:

“Young teenage girls would be filmed by a woman called Angelie in a secure room and filming them ‘being f***ed up’ and these would be watched by others.”

Muthukumarana has also been accused of encouraging ‘Donna’ to take drugs or alcohol before abusing as it “makes you extra heartless.”

The court heard a recording of a phone call in which the accused said:

“The people paying us to do what we’re doing are very high up political people. We will be masked up and it will be on webcam.”

Gihan has denied three counts of possessing indecent images of children and facilitating sexual activity with a child.


feature image via The Daily Mail




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