YouTube: Judge Creators By the Color of Their Skin, Not by the Content of Their Channel

YouTube is the subject of mass ridicule yet again after attempting to virtue signal on their Twitter account.

Can’t they just go one week without controversy?

The video sharing platform, owned by Google, tweeted “Roses are red, Violets are blue, Subscribe to black creators” on Valentine’s Day in honor of Black History Month. YouTube has even changed their twitter avatar to say “#Create Black History” to create maximum impact.

Unfortunately YouTube’s call for virtue signaling fell onto deaf ears as they were met with devastating backlash from, seemingly, the entire YouTube community.

Some users pointed out the racial undertones of encouraging people to only support creators based on skin colour instead of merit:

Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter

@YouTube Or, subscribe to who you like, regardless of skin color, and stop being racist.

Scarce on Twitter

@YouTube This is what ive been saying all along! You should only subscribe to people based off skin color! Thanks youtube ?

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Count Dankula??????? on Twitter

Black creators are perfectly capable of gaining subscribers. Their skin colour is an irrelevance, so why say this?.

Whilst others decided a routine mocking was in order:

Twitter / Account Suspended

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Dolan Dark on Twitter

@YouTube Roses are red Violets are blue Subscribe to people because of their content and not their appearance

KEEM ? on Twitter

Roses are red violets are blue subscribe to me I’m 9% black!

Max on Twitter

Roses are black, Violets are black, YouTube is black, Black.

Ice_Poseidon on Twitter

@YouTube ive cleared my sub box and it only has the black creators for the month of february. thanks youtube for the tips on who i should be watching this month, unfortunately my sub box now only has ksi

Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter

I have a dream that my little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their YouTube channel. @YouTube

YouTuber Sky Williams (900K subscribers) pointed out that YouTube flagged his channel and did not offer tenable support to him when he needed it:

♡♪!? on Twitter

I am a Black Creator. When I made a video discussing Black issues, you flagged it, claimed i was ‘inciting racism against POC’, struck my channel and took everything from me. Then your staff pretended to care by setting up a meeting that was due 4 months ago. Delete this.

♡♪!? on Twitter

We black creators are fucking fantastic with or without you and your soapbox. Don’t tell people to fucking sub to me because im black. I want people to sub to me because i’m a fucking excellent content creator. This shows you don’t even WATCH black creators. DELETE. THIS.

YouTube’s bout of moral grandstanding ironically comes after the popular media site has repeatedly been criticized for promoting bothersome brothers Jake and Logan Paul. The website has been somewhat vilified for ignoring the community’s myriad of complaints about the behavior of the two Pauls, and only recently have taken action in disciplining Logan Paul after he tasered a few dead rats in a video.

YouTube continues to come under harsh scrutiny from conservative content creators who’ve had their videos, or entire channels, de-monetized.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

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feature image, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki via Mashable




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