Haitian Voodoo Rituals Blamed for Double Murder and Fire Attack on Massachusetts Children

The recent murder of two boys and a disfiguring fire attack on a young girl are being blamed on Voodoo rituals. 

Two sisters, Peggy LaBossiere and Rachel Hilaire, were arrested in East Bridgewater, Mass., near Boston, in January accused of tying down and burning a 5-year-old girl in a “voodoo ritual” meant to expel a demon from the child, authorities say.

They are also accused of threatening to decapitate the girl’s 8-year-old brother with a machete.

Just after that, near Brockton, Mass.,  a mother stabbed two of her children to death in a ritual she described in court documents as “voodoo stuff.” The mother, Latarsha Sanders, 43, told police she attacked her 8-year-old and 5-year-old sons with a kitchen knife, stabbing the older son 50 times. 

Sanders also told police she mopped up blood from the floor, left the kitchen knife in the sink, cleaned up both boys, and placed them in separate beds, according to WBUR. 

Voodoo was developed by Caribbeans who took spiritual traditions from Africa and merged them with Christianity and other faiths. 

“We are being targeted,” said Maude Evans, a Haitian native and Voodoo priestess in Boston’s Mattapan neighborhood, speaking to Fox News.

“I’m really concerned that that’s how it’s going to be from now on. They will do things and blame it on Voodoo.”

Speaking to Fox News, a Cambridge College professor, Lunine Pierre-Jerome, who practices Haitian Voodoo said the religion is about healing. 

“Some see us as worshipping the devil or evil spirits, but that’s far from what it is,” she said. 

The Haitian Voodoo sisters accused of burning the five-year-old girl blew fire in her face and cut her on the arm and in the collar area with a needle-like object, police said. Police said the girl’s mother requested the ritual.

The women have been charged with mayhem, assault and other charges and have plead not guilty. They’re being held without bail. 

feature image, Peggy LaBossiere and Rachel Hilaire, via The Boston Herald

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