Abortion Gaming Is the Latest SJW Attempt to Kill Fun

Have you ever been playing a video game and felt it could use a little more abortion? If so, there’s good news. 

Trapped is a new game that combines the love of gaming with the hard lessons preached by pro-abortion advocates. The browser-based video game aims to emphasize the obstacles in front of getting your name called in the Planned Parenthood waiting room.

Here’s the skinny. Your character in the game wants an abortion. Press start and the adventure begins with a series of random situations where players learns they are pregnant and must choose a pathway to hot-potato that little fetus out of their body.

The game has players find a doctor, pay medical bills, find a ride, and, if played skillfully, rewarded with an abortion.

In this game, bringing the baby to term means Game Over.

The randomly selected situations for the character range from teenage abortion seeker to menopausal choice-granny. The various clinics may not be local, and players may need to pay more to leave the state. There is even a language barrier scenario where players are an immigrant and the doctor doesn’t speak the same language.

In the game, the more obstacles in your way, the longer you’re pregnant, and the third trimester abortions get really expensive.

The hypothetical what-ifs thrown at the player are meant to sell the programmer’s pro-abortion argument. Kate Bertash, the programmer behind Trapped,  explained in the Daily Dot how simply being “legal” was not good enough because it leaves out people who can’t afford their abortion.

Bertash says, “I think putting those time/logistics/legal variables that can feel squishy as an outside observer into something hard and tangible like an actual price helps those who otherwise might not have thought about that relationship”.

Trapped is based on an abortion card game called “Walk in my Shoes,” which was wildly popular at last year’s Abortion Access Hackathon barn-burner.

Bertash was an organizer of the hackathon in Sacramento and took the concept of “Walk in my Shoes” to the next level. She spiced it up with some dialogue, digital graphics, and gave the world Trapped.

According to the CDC , “in 2014, 652,639 legal induced abortions were reported to CDC from 49 reporting areas. The abortion rate for 2014 was 12.1 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years, and the abortion ratio was 186 abortions per 1,000 live births.”

Since Row vs. Wade, almost 60 million abortions have been performed in the United States. The price of an abortion in the early stages ranges from $300-$500. There are just under 800 abortion clinics in the U.S., averaging about 16 per state. But in recent years, abortion has been on the decline. 

The programmer of Trapped believes we need to make those numbers higher.

“I know lots of us support the ‘right to choose,’ but don’t often get exposed to why so many people can’t ever choose, including being boxed out by the expense or delayed past the time where it’s an option,” Bertash told the Daily Dot.

“I hope then that even people who know they support abortion already, who maybe already call their legislators or take other actions, can know just how much immediate impact it can have if we give to abortion funds as well.”

To play the full game Trappedclick here.

Trapped Game Trailer

A game about getting an abortion. More info at https://www.trappedgame.com/

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Pawl Bazile is a journalist and the Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @PawlBazile

Pawl Bazile is Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. He tweets at @PawlBazile.



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