E=SJW²: Campus Lefties to Hold Intersectional Feminist Science Workshop

Have you ever wondered how to practice more socially-just science? Do you feel that Quantum Superposition needs a more feminist-driven observable state?

Is evolution and the concept of “survival of the fittest” discriminatory in nature against the fat-acceptance movement?

Well, rest assured, because the University of California Santa Cruz is holding a Feminist Science workshop!

Science is about to become #woke.

The workshop, titled “Research Justice 101: Tools for Feminist Science,” taking place at UC Santa Cruz on January 31, will be ran by the Free Radicals, a Los Angeles-based feminist and anti-racist collective of scientists who aim to “incorporate a critical social justice lens into science” and focus on “creating resources for political education through workshops.”

Free Radicals claim that “Justice provides a framework for scientists to think through the hidden assumptions in their methodological approaches, and challenges researchers to think more deeply about the political implications of their work.”

Because if there’s one thing scientists don’t do enough of, it’s thinking deeply.

The workshop will challenge participants to “apply principles and practices of justice to their own work,” and ask themselves “interrogating questions such as: Who benefits? Who is harmed? Who is most vulnerable?[…] [W]hose well-being are we responsible for? How do our individual and collective identities affect the questions we ask? And, ultimately, who do we do science for, and why?”

Please, hold your Nobel Prize nominations until the end.

Free Radicals hope that participants will leave the workshop with “practical skills and resources” to be able to “push their research communities to be more inclusive, equitable and attentive to social justice”.

The workshop will be led by Paloma Medina, a second year Ph.D. student in Biomolecular Engineering and Bioinformatics, who also helped initiate the Queer Ecologies Research Cluster. She has been described as “continually seeking new creative ways to promote biodiversity.”

The event itself is sponsored by the Science and Justice Research Center at UC Santa Cruz, who claim to foster “emerging alliances between seemingly disparate sectors, disciplines and communities.” 

All these scientists, yet the cure for social justice cancer still eludes us.

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