‘Girthers’ Demand Trump Be Weighed on Live National Television

President Donald Trump received more than a clean bill of health after receiving his annual medical examination this year.
But no benign news about the President is without its hoard of mainstream pundits spouting conspiracy theories, especially from the blue checkmark set on Twitter
Say hello to the ‘#girther’ movement.
A play on words of the term ‘birther’, – of which Donald Trump is known as he repeatedly demanded that former President Barack Obama show the world his birth certificate – the ‘girther’ movement arises from skepticism over Trump’s health and official weight.
Dr. Ronny Jackson, a doctor and Navy admiral who currently serves as Physician to the President, has confirmed that Trumps weight is 239lbs and he stands at 6ft 3in, which would make his BMI 29.9. He is said to be in excellent physical and mental health though being medically overweight.
Social media has exploded with mockery and conspiracy theories. The girthers are demanding truth. 

Chris Hayes on Twitter

Has anyone coined "girther" for those who belive the president weighs more than his doctor reports?

One of the demands of the girther movement is that President Trump step onto a scale live on TV to prove he is the weight being claimed. Writer of Guardians of the Galaxy James Gunn has even offered to give $100,000 to charity if Trump jumps on a scale with an ‘impartial’ medical professional. 

The movement, however, has met backlash. Many users have pointed out that Dr. Ronny Jackson was also Obama’s physician, therefore impartial. He was appointed to the job of White House physician in 2013. 

Other users have noted liberal and progressive hypocrisy when it comes to all things Trump. The left continuously decry any notion of fat-shaming, but seem to think its fair game when it comes to the President.

 Even more ironically, public figures who previously dismissed any concerns of Hillary Clinton's health during the Presidential campaign as ‘conspiracy theories’ have also jumped onto the girther bandwagon. Brian Stelter, of CNN, tweeted this:

Jim Acosta, also of CNN, asked on Tuesday’s press briefing with Dr. Jackson if there was “anything of the President's health records, his overall physical fitness, or any medications that he’s taking that you’re not permitted to tell us? Is there anything that you’re keeping from us for privacy reasons?” to which Dr. Jackson confirmed that all of Trump's relevant health information had been released.
Clearly, running for President whilst suffering fainting spells is fine, having a chronic cough, and falling down numerous times is fine, but a clean bill of health from a medical professional makes a Republican unfit for office.
Feature image via NBC



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