Roger Stone Under Cyber-Attack by ‘Government-Backed’ Hackers

Roger Stone took to social media to accuse Robert Mueller “and his thugs” of reading his private emails. 

On Sunday evening, the Republican strategist and longtime Trump confidant posted a photo to Instagram of a security notification he received. 

“Government-backed attackers may be trying to steal you password,” the notification from Google read. “We believe we detected government-backed attackers trying to steal your password. This happens to less than 0.1% of all Gmail users.”

In the caption to the photo, Stone wrote,

So I guess Mueller and his thugs are reading my e-mail. Not surprising, since the Obama Justice Dept asked the FISA court to put me under surveillance in 2016 simply because of my relationship with Donald Trump and long before I tweeted anything about Wikileaks – all of which was based on things Julian Assange had already said in public – and no libtards I never said John Podesta’s email would be published by Wikileaks while accurately predicting his shady business dealings exposed in the Jan 2016 Panama papers would come under scrutiny

In March, Stone alleged that revelations regarding communications he had with hacker Gucifer 2.0, who has been accused without evidence of working for the Kremlin, was obtained illegally

“If these were obtained through a FISA warrant, as I believe, and the information was leaked to the Smoking Gun, that would constitute a felony,” Stone said at the time, telling the Associated Press he hired attorneys to investigate.

Last week, Kentucky senator Rand Paul, with support from President Trump, continued threats to filibuster reorganization of the FISA program, leading the charge calling the secret program unconstitutional. 

Stone also recently launched an anti-trust lawsuit social media giant Twitter, which permanently suspended his account in late 2017.  

Feature image via Vanity Fair



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  2. Maria

    January 19, 2018 at 4:00 pm

    I love Roger Stone. I miss him and you on Twitter. I think you two make a great Team, Milo. Anyone reading Roger Stones email, they are such pervs. I mean it. How creepy. WHat they doing with his stuff?

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