UT Austin Antifa Group Calls For Police To Be Burned Alive

Antifa UT Austin

A radical left-wing student group at the University of Texas, Austin is proposing a rebrand of “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day” into “Law Enforcement Incineration Day.”

The so-called Autonomous Student Network Austin, an Antifa group, pushed the proposal in a recent tweet this week, accompanying its call with a picture of a French police riot police officer engulfed in flames.

The photograph in the tweet was grabbed from a 2017 left-wing protest on May 1st (also known as May Day), in which a 41-year-old police officer was immolated by black bloc anarchists armed with Molotov cocktails. The injured officer received third-degree burns.

On its Facebook page, ASN Austin calls itself “an organization that seeks to promote student autonomy through direct action tactics.” Direct action refers to physical violence against the police and anyone perceived as a “fascist.”

“We are dedicated to the complete abolition of all systems of domination and hierarchy,” reads the group’s description. “We stand absolutely against white supremacy, settler colonialism, cisheteropatriarchy, ableism, the state, and capitalism as systems which organize violent and hierarchical relationships between social groups.”

“We see the state as integral to all forms of domination,” the description adds, stating that “we see police as an extension of this and refuse any negotiation with the cops.”

The group disavows peaceful methods of getting its message across, stating that it intends to “provide an outlet for radical student activism” and “radicalize student activism on campus beyond the pathetic spectacle of chants and protests that are so non-disruptive to those in power.”

In addition to the call to violent action, the group also took issue with Dennis Prager’s pro-police infographic on January 9. Campus Reform reports that the group tweeted a spoof of his infographic, describing the police as members of society who “kill and rob oppressed peoples,” who are in turn exploited by “white supremacist capitalism.”

Prager Tweet Spoof

Twitter has not acted to remove ASN Austin’s tweet calling for violence against the police, even though it is in clear violation of the platform’s terms of service. However, a tweet reply calling upon the FBI to “add these scumbags to your terrorist watch list” was marked as sensitive and hidden from view.

Source: Campus Reform.

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