Pics shows: People throwing stones at the cow;nnDesperate scenes of starving villagers in Venezuela chasing and stoning to death a cow have gone viral after a politician shared the footage to highlight President Maduro¿s economic failures.nnOpposition congressman Carlos Paparoni posted the video on social media to show the desperation that many Venezuelans are feeling in the face of scarcity and controversial government policies.nnThe farm animal's slaughter occurred at the Hacienda Miraflores in the fishing village of Palmarito in Merida during a day of civil unrest and looting that left four people dead and 10 injured in the state.nnIn the video, dozens of men shout "we are hungry" and "people are suffering" as they surround the cow in the field, throwing stones and beating it with a stick. When the animal finally falls to the ground, more villagers gather around.nnAccording to local media, dozens of cows were killed by the crowds at several different ranches.nn"This is not the way. These actions will destroy our national production more quickly and bring more hunger and scarcity," said Paparoni.nnCalm soon returned to the troubled areas, which were rocked by the scenes of looting in recent days.nn"People went down to a centre which stored food and gas bottles and caused damage and stole flour, rice, oil and gas," said Zuley Urdaneta, a veterinarian and farmer from the village of Tucani who also said that a government supermarket was looted.nnVenezuela is going through an acute economic crisis, characterised by a severe shortage of food and medicine and hyperinflation of more than 2,000 per cent.

Starving Venezuelans Beat Grazing Cattle to Death with Rocks

Supermarkets, food trucks, and food centers were mobbed in the Venezuelan state of Merida in two days of unrest as food shortages continued to spread in the socialist South American dictatorship.

According to Reuters, mobs of hungry people even slaughtered grazing cattle in fields.

In one incident, captured on video and posted to social media, dozens of men surrounded a cow changing “we are hungry” and ‘”people are suffering” while throwing stones at the helpless beast and hitting it with sticks. 

Opposition lawmaker Carlos Paparoni said four people had died and 10 were injured in the chaos that errupted in the western Andean state. 300 animals were believed to have been killed. 

Venezuela has the world’s highest inflation and after four years of recession millions of Venezuelans have sunk into poverty and starvation. 

One 50-year-old Merida resident reported witnessing some 800 people converge on a food collection center Thursday afternoon and loot it. 

“They knocked down the gates and looted flour, rice, cooking oil, cooking gas,” the witness told Reuters. “The police and the National Guard tried to control the situation by giving out what was left.”

Venezuela also has the world’s largest crude reserves. President Nicolás Maduro has refused to step down and has not commented on the food riots in Merida and blames Venezuela’s problems on private investment. 

“What we’re living is barbaric,” said opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido in a tweet referencing the slaughter the cattle. “The dehumanizing regime of Nicolas Maduro is turning a blind eye to the tragedy that we Venezuelans are living.”

Last week, authorities forced over 200 supermarkets to slash prices, which creating further chaos as desperate Venezuelans rushed to buy cheaper food as supplies continued to dwindle. 

Feature image via The Daily Mail



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