WATCH: CNN Guest Calls Don Lemon the N-Word and Asian Americans ‘Slant-Eyes’ Because Trump

Ex-CIA operative and mainstream media pundit Philip Mudd listed off a dizzying flood of racial epithets on CNN Thursday night.

The triggered tirade came in response to allegations that President Trump called some third world nations ‘shitholes’ in a private meeting with senators. 

The president has denied using the term, and GOP senators have said they “do not recall” the word being used. 

But appearing on Don Lemon’s show, and declaring himself a “proud shitholer” because he claims his ancestors came from Ireland and Italy, Mudd said that a generation ago Lemon would be little more than a “n–ger.”

Mudd, who is white, used similar ugly language to describe Asian Americans and other immigrants, saying “slant-eyes” helped to build this country. 

Mudd’s comments appear to be intended as words of support for people from shithole nations who would like to immigrate to the U.S.

After being called the n-word, Lemon pivoted to another guest. 

The shocking word uttered on CNN brought to mind another incident in 2012, in which a CNN reporter said “fucking n–ger” on the air during a report on a shooting spree in Tulsa. 

Watch the clip below


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