NEW LEAKS: Twitter’s CEO Is ‘the Definition of SJW’ and Silenced Conservatives Are Measured ‘In Units of Milo’

Twitter senior management works for Hollywood.  

That’s the bombshell take from exclusive interviews with Breitbart News given by three former Twitter employees who are speaking out against the tech giant and revealing shocking details about the rampant culture of leftism and celebrity worship inside. 

Aside from keeping tampons in the men’s room, because “some men menstruate,” giving employees time off to emotionally cope after Donald Trump was elected president, and the majority of senior management believing the leftist idea that “words are violent,” employees openly celebrated when MILO was permanently banned in July 2016. 

They also continue to plead for the expulsion of the president from the platform. 

Breitbart reports:

When the source worked for Twitter, he says employees snarkily estimated the backlash over banning someone controversial in “units of Milo,” which referred to an individual’s number of followers, their media reach, and their ability to respond to a ban with negative headlines and backlash from members of the public.

“It’s like, ‘He’s two Milos, so we can’t ban him!’ or ‘He’s half a Milo, so we can!”

MILO and fellow perma-banned right-winger Roger Stone are suing Twitter for anti-trust. 




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