HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Right-Wing Activists Lawyer Up to Fight Tech Giants

On Wednesday, GOP operative Roger Stone for the second time said he was preparing a lawsuit against Twitter, and this time he said that Milo Yiannopoulos will join him, reports Paul Bond today at The Hollywood Reporter. 

He continues:

Meanwhile, a high-ranking Beltway source claims that a prominent Republican member of Congress is getting ready to call for congressional hearings into alleged discrimination against conservatives on the part of Twitter, YouTube, Google and more.

The Stone and Yiannopoulos promise of a lawsuit that’s planned to be filed in February comes the same day ambush-journalist James O’Keefe released undercover video of Twitter employees claiming the platform “shadowbans” conservative tweets so that, unbeknownst to the author of the tweets, they cannot be read by his followers.

“It is time for Twitter to be regulated like a public utility or perish,” said Stone, who was banned in October after tweeting insults at CNN reporters, including Don Lemon. Twitter viewed Stone’s tweets as harassment and threatening, which Stone calls “hypocrisy.”


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