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WATCH: The MILO Show’s Uncle Steve Special

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has infiltrated Twitter, and MILO’s got the full report from the first batch of hidden footage released Wednesday.  

Meanwhile, conservatives were rocked by the news that Steve Bannon is stepping down from Breitbart, creating a rift in the Trump movement. MILO reads from his Tuesday column and explains why Uncle Steve remains the most dangerous man in American politics. 

“This is a family feud that spiraled horribly out of control. Steve Bannon and Donald Trump understand a slice of the American electorate like no one else. It’s why they made such a good team. While Trump has an atavistic understanding of ordinary working people, Steve’s analysis comes from a life of study. Where Trump has raw political genius and instinct, Steve has an intellectual’s grasp of the contours of history,” MILO says. 

MILO takes questions about Uncle Steve from viewers and ends discussing his all time favorite person (besides himself), Berkeley rage-aholic Yvette Felarca, who recently had an unfortunate loss in court. 

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