Rapper Ginuwine Slammed for Rejecting Sexual Advance From a Transgender

Following an attempted sexual assault on him by a transgender, rapper Ginuwine is under attack for “transphobia.”

On a recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother, the “Pony” singer was asked by fellow cast member India Willoughby, who is a transgender,  if he would ever date someone like Willoughby. 

“You would date me, yeah,” Willoughby asked.

“Not if you were trans,” Ginuwine replied. 

Willoughby, who is also a journalist for the BBC and 52 years old, then attempted to kiss the rapper and was rebuked. Willoughby then stormed off. 


Ginuwine, via The Hollywood Reporter

After the episode aired this week, all hell broke lose on the transgender hate machine wing of Twitter, accusing the 90s hip hop artist of “transphobia,” and calling him a bigot.

Countless users suggested that an unwillingness to copulate with those who have gender dysphoria is somehow hateful. 

“Ginuwine saying that he wouldn’t date a trans woman came off as absolutely transphobic, just like saying you wouldn’t date a black person is racist,” one user wrote. 

Others continued to echo this belief.  

Still others came to the rapper’s defense, acknowledging a person’s choice to bed and date whoever they chose.

Also, there’s that whole having children and starting a family thing.


Source: BET

Feature image via The Gay UK

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