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Cops Haul In Gay Politician For Criticizing Islam, Again [VIDEO]

In January 2017, Finnish politician Sebastian Tynkkynen made international headlines when he was fined €300 for criticizing Islam in a post on Facebook.

“The fewer Muslims in Finland, the better…The less we see of Muslims, it is safer. We have to get rid of Islam before it is too late,” he wrote.

Now, the Finns Party city council member of Oulu, Finland is back in the hot seat. In a video published to YouTube, Tynkkynen says cops came knocking on his door after stumbling upon another social media post, this one two years old.

“In the Middle Ages, in Europe, there was one religion above criticism,” Tynkkynen says in the video. “Any kind of resistance to Christianity led to punishment. After 500 years of progress we are in the same situation in Europe. But only the religion has changed. Criticism towards Islam leads to punishment.”

 Tynkkynen is gay. Although he says he hates identity politics, he feels it’s more than relevant when discussing Islam considering the religion of peace’s treatment of homosexuals.

Once he was elected chairman of the largest youth political party in Finland, Tynkkynen got on the radar of European leftists who, he claims, mounted sustained personal attacks. 

The first was that offense which landed him in court in 2016. The day after he delivered a speech in Germany the previous summer, an ISIS follower attacked a train in Frankfurt. That is when Tynkkynen posted to Facebook that he could have been one of those victims, and that he wants to oppose Islam’s takeover of Europe. 

He was hauled into court and forced to pay a fine.

“I know that sounds crazy,” he says in the video. “I am not a stereotypical, hate crime person who wants minorities wiped off the face of the earth…I’m just a regular, hipster guy who likes to travel.”

Now, on January 8, Tynkkynen says he received a phone call from the police informing him they were opening a new investigation into his social media activities. This time it regards a two year old photo he posted depicting faces of many recent perpetrators of Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe and accurately identifying each as Muslim. 

Tynkkynen will interface with the police in the coming days. He says he stands by the image he posted. The police will then decide if Tynkkynen has again violated any of Finland’s speech laws. 

Watch the video here:



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  2. Craig

    January 10, 2018 at 9:02 pm

    Don’t be fooled. Finland is a third world nation. They have benefitted from the advancements of the first world, but their lack of freedom speaks volumes to how backward they are.

    • Kiki-Moto-Wang

      January 16, 2018 at 9:10 pm

      😀😁😂😃😄😅 Finland is NOT a 3rd World Country! Nice Joke!!!

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