VIDEO: MILO Is Amused by Debra Messing

What on earth is an “intersectional gender parity”?

Examining the physical toll that feminism takes on the human body, MILO and mystery guest Will speculate about Debra Messing’s health.  

“When people go over on the eyeshadow, it’s because they look tired. You don’t do that kind of heavy green make-up unless you have to. You’re pulling attention away from something,” fashion critic MILO says.  
“Is that a weave? It’s like she was so traumatized by the Trump presidency all her hair is falling out!”
Messing’s recent plunge into social justice may have its roots in an interview she gave with Megyn Kelly, thus alienating her far-left audience.
“Debra Messing panicked. I think this is her penance for appearing on Megyn Kelly.” 
Messing fumbled through academic jargon on the red carpet at this year’s Golden Globes before attacking E!, the network interviewing her, over false accusations of a gender pay disparity.
“People at home are not saying, ‘I don’t agree with those politics, I’m not a left-winger,'” MILO says. “They’re saying, ‘HUH?'”

Watch the clip below 


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