VIDEO: MILO Explains Oprah 2020

Rose McGowan is mad.

Appearing in studio of his newly announced daily show, MILO and mystery guest Will discuss last night’s Golden Globes and the thin ice Hollywood continues to walk on. 
“Why is Rose McGowan mad?  Could she not get an invitation? She’s mad because this isn’t all about Rose McGowan anymore,” MILO says. “Now that Oprah and Meryl are involved, who the hell is Rose McGowan?”
MILO explains how Oprah has now been tapped to be the queen of the female resistance movement, after torpedoing her career when she ditched Hillary Clinton for Barack Obama in 2008. 
But as celebrities donned their black gowns at last night’s awards to show solidarity for the victims of abuse in their industry, one person has yet to see any justice in the realm of public opinion.
“They’re not ready for Corey Feldman,” MILO says. “They’re O.K. with women talking about bad men but they don’t want to hear about the gay child rape stuff. And so [Feldman] is the oddball weirdo throughout whose allegations they must discredit.” 
Hollywood desperately needs salvation, and the Globes reached a nearly religious fervor when Oprah took the stage to deliver a stirring sermon.
“They brought in the closet thing they have to God, and that’s Oprah, and she blessed them and absolved them,” MILO says. “This is how she is perceived in culture, even now.” 

Watch the full clip below.

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