Angela Rayner

In British Schools, White Boys are Being Left Behind

White male students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are being neglected at schools in the United Kingdom due to a focus on girls and non-white ethnic students. 

The Labour Party’s shadow secretary for education Angela Rayner says that the boys are at the “bottom of the heap” while girls and students from minority backgrounds are being pushed ahead to succeed. Rayner, who is from a blue collar background, and left school at 16 when she became pregnant, recommends a cultural shift to get British boys back on track.

“I’m from a white working class background, our culture – and I think that’s why white working class boys aren’t doing so well at the moment,” she told Spectator Magazine, adding that the heavy focus on ethnic minorities and feminist agendas have had a “negative impact” for white working-class boys.

“The culture towards migrant families towards education is considerably different to the culture of British families, that’s something I’ve noticed,” Rayner said. “The UCAS tables have them literally at the bottom of the heap.”

In an October 2017 government audit on schools, white British students were found to be the worst performers in poorer areas of Britain. Only 32 percent of white British students reached the expected standard of reading, writing, and math at age 11.

“They have not been able to adapt,” she added. “Culturally, we are not telling them that they need to learn and they need to aspire. They are under the impression that they don’t need to push themselves, in the way that disadvantaged groups had to before. I think that is why there is a bit of a lag there. I think we need to do much more about the culture of white working class in this country.”

Rayner, who left school due to her pregnancy, says that she would’ve been written off if it wasn’t for the welfare and social support she received at the time, which allowed her to grow into an independent adult. She credited socialist policies for her own success.

Regardless of her political orientation, the fact remains that white British boys are being left by the wayside as their peers surpass them due to Britain’s focus on minorities and women.

Source: Spectator Magazine



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