‘You Done Good … Will Sell 500,000 copies’ – What Simon & Schuster Was Telling Milo in Private

MILO Dangerous Book

MILO is striking back at Simon & Schuster with evidence that the publisher had very different things to say about his memoir in private than in the editorial notes released in court documents late December. MILO’s former editor, Mitchell Ivers, praised him for DANGEROUS, telling him he “done good.”

In July, MILO sued publisher Simon & Schuster for $10m for breach of contract when it canceled the publication of DANGEROUS in February 2017, following a storm of outrage. The book was later published by Dangerous Books on July 4 and charted on Amazon’s best-sellers list within a day of its release. The New York State Supreme Court rejected the publisher’s motion to dismiss MILO’s lawsuit in October, allowing the case to proceed.

In response to the lawsuit, the publisher sought to humiliate MILO by releasing editorial notes of the manuscript of DANGEROUS. They made the rounds on websites critical of the conservative provocateur. 

Contrary to how Simon & Schuster’s relationship with MILO is being depicted in the media, what Ivers told MILO in private paints a different picture.

“‘Don’t quote me but you done good’ is what Simon & Schuster told me about my manuscript barely two days before dumping my book in February in breach of contract. S&S executives also quoted Hollywood agents who said I’d shift half a million copies and agreed with me about the ‘virtue-signaling’ Left,” says MILO.

“Mitchell Ivers, the liberal gay editor Simon & Schuster put in charge of neutering its edgier conservative authors, hates Republicans and thinks they are all virulent homophobes. He told me so himself.”

MILO shared images of the conversations he had with Ivers, in which the editor predicted that the book would sell over 500,000 copies, and lavished praise upon him.

Simon & Schuster Mitchell Ivers

Simon & Schuster Mitchell Ivers

Simon & Schuster Mitchell Ivers

Simon & Schuster Mitchell Ivers

“Ivers said one thing in manuscript edits, but quite another when he was giggling and flirting with me,” says MILO.

“I look forward to prevailing in court.”

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