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[Video] Professor: ‘Only White People’ Should Stand for National Anthem

A professor at the publicly-funded Diablo Valley College has been giving lectures where he presents President Donald Trump as a “white supremacist.”

Professor Calls For Violent Overthrow Of “White Supremacist” Government | Albert Ponce

We are 100% viewer funded – become a patron on Patreon for hidden videos, behind the scenes and rewards – Patreon.com/TheRedElephants A Diablo Valley professor, Albert Ponce tells students that Trump os a white supremacist and that they need to violate the law to smash our ‘white supremacist” government

Professor Albert Ponce, a professor of political science, was filmed giving the lecture. His words were uploaded to YouTube by a student who shared the video with The Red Elephants on the Facebook page “Film Your Marxist Professors.”

Ponce also expresses why it is necessary to stop people like MILO from speaking at colleges and other public venues, while complaining about the lack of free speech given to communist professors like Drexel University’s George Ciccariello, who infamously called for a “white genocide” on Twitter.

His Facebook page, which was shared by the student, shows his support for Black Lives Matter. He shared a link that denounced academic objectivity as a racialized issue used by racist white men to dismiss minorities and their perspectives, and has posted about “decolonizing” the academic fields of mathematics and physics, which he calls “oppressive.”

According to a student who shared the video, Ponce grades students who disagree with his political views poorly.

The student, who remains unnamed, shared the following description of Ponce.

“I would like to bring up an issue which is my Neo Marxist Community College in Pleasant Hill California. It is a full of cultural marxists who seem to dislike the idea of free speech. It is called Diablo Valley College. This is the college where the insane Bike Locke guy Philosophy Professor Eric Clanton once taught. It is also filled with Anti White and Anti American teachers. The Campus had unfortunately declared itself a sanctuary campus. Their is a teacher named Albert Ponce who is a active supporter of La Raza and other organizations who want to give California over to Mexico. He recently gave a presentation where the talks about “whiteness” and bringing down “white democracy”. He grades students down and fails them if they don’t agree with him. He also once threatened someone to be sent to the dean’s office for nodding their head no when he was giving a lecture against America and talking about bringing the nation down. 

It was a seminar he decided to hold and he requires students to go to 2 of his so called lecture speech events outside of class. This is where he indoctrinates them with lies. 

Here is his Facebook. He talks about how great it is to stop Right Wing people like Milo from Speaking but he complains about a lack of Free Speech for George Ciccariello Maher aka the White Genocide Professor. U can see his Cringe Posts everywhere. 

Professor Albert Ponce Works for Abolition which is a Socialist Anti White Political Group. The Organization has Professor of White Genocide George Ciccariello Maher and Tom Curry both of whom are Anti White people who are on Proffessor WatchList. 

Also For readings he forces his student as required material to get Harsha Walia’s UnDoing Border Imperialism. Which is a book that advocates to end borders. He is known to encourage violence and tells his students that it is necessary for change.

If the college sounds familiar, it’s because the “bike lock professor” who was charged with assaulting Trump supporters with a deadly weapon at a free speech rally in April 2016 used to teach ethics and philosophy at Diablo Valley College.



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