WATCH: MILO Explains How Gays Can Exploit ‘Progressive Orthodoxy’

When asked whether it is advisable for gay people to come out of the closet, MILO advises to come out “if you really have to suck d*ck,” and “you can’t zap your way out of it.”

“If Uncle Pence’s waiting list is too long for you, if you can’t afford jumper cables, if you can’t pray it away; if you really have to suck dick, you gotta do it, then you may as well come out,” MILO says. “Because it’s a competitive advantage in today’s progressive world.”

“All kinds of mollycoddling, and special treatment,” MILO adds. “Kevin Spacey knew this. Now the strategy didn’t work for him because he was accused of fucking kids and it was a bit too audacious, even for him.”

“He instinctively understood that there are different rules for minorities under a progressive orthodoxy,” MILO says. “This is the basis of identity politics.” 

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