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Teacher Faces Charges After Husband Finds Her in Bed With Underage Boy

Andrea Nicole Baber Hot Teacher

A former Christian school teacher joins the long list of female sex predators who prey on teenage boys.

29-year-old Andrea Nicole Baber was having a romp in bed with her underage student, with whom she was having an affair since he was 15, when her husband walked in on her.

An English teacher at the Logos Christian Academy in Cottage Grove, Oregon, Baber was arrested and charged on Friday just days after her husband caught her.  

The Register-Guard reports that soon after that happened, the boy’s father received an anonymous email asking if he knew his son and the teacher were involved in a sexual relationship. The messages, dating to December 12, included photos of the boy in bed with Baber.

The underage boy’s father forwarded the email to police, who determined that Baber allegedly had sex regularly in a relationship for more than a year, since he was 15-years-old. He is now 17. 

The court affidavit states that Baber and the teenager were caught in bed by her husband on December 5, a week before the email was sent.

Police arrested Baber on December 15 on suspicion of sodomy, rape, and a host of other charges relating to her sexual activities to the minor. They also threw in a drug charge for allegedly plying the boy with alcohol and marijuana.

The boy told police that the relationship first started with them flirting at school, to kissing at the movies. It eventually progressed to full-blown sex. He estimated that he had sex with his teacher at least once or twice a week at her home.

Authorities say that Baber no longer works for Logos Christian Academy, but her staff page remains on the school’s website.

“Andrea has always felt called to work with youth and is very excited that God opened the door for her to be part of the Logos team,” her biography reads. “She lives with her husband, dog and cat just south of Eugene.”

Source: Register-Guard.

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