Tweetocalypse: The First Victims Revealed as the Twitter Purge Begins

Twitter Purge

As Twitter scrubs users who associate with “organizations that use or promote violence,” the social media platform reveals organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood will be ignored. 

If you’re waiting for Twitter take action against Antifa, you’re in for a long wait. 

On November 17, the platform announced that “rules around abuse and hateful conduct as well as violence and physical harm,” would be updated and implemented on December 18. 

“You may not make specific threats of violence or wish for the serious physical harm, death, or disease of an individual or group of people. This includes, but is not limited to, threatening or promoting terrorism,” Twitter announced. “You also may not affiliate with organizations that — whether by their own statements or activity both on and off the platform — use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes.”

“We will begin enforcing this rule around affiliation with such organizations on December 18, 2017,” the social media platform stated.  

However, the platform has also stated that “government entities” will be immune to the new rules; meaning groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood will be allowed to remain on the platform. 

So far, Twitter has only brought the hammer down on accounts considered to be on the far-right and actually affiliated with Nazis. Antifa-aligned accounts were spared judgment.  

The following accounts have been suspended since Twitter began its purge: 

  • Jayda Fransen 
  • Paul Golding
  • Britain First
  • American Rennaisance 
  • Jared Taylor
  • American Nazi Party
  • Traditional Workers Party
  • Occidental Dissent
  • Jeff Schoep
  • Vanguard America
  • Generation Identity
  • Engish Defence League 
  • Nordic Frontier

Prominent voices on the right have urged their followers to switch over to the Twitter alternative, Gab, which does not censor its users. 

Photograph by Damien Meyer/Getty Images.

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