CAIR Director Blames Trump For ‘Empowering Christian Religious Extremism’

Nihad Awad, Mahdi Bray

Just days before the failed suicide bombing in New York City by a Muslim immigrant, CAIR director Nihad Awad turned his ire towards President Trump and “Christian religious extremists.”

Speaking outside the white house, the executive director and founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations argued that the President is “empowering” religiously-motivated extremism by Christians in his decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“Donald Trump does not own Jerusalem. He does not own Palestine. He does not own one acre, one piece of soil of Palestine,” said Awad on Friday. “What he owns, he owns Donald Trump’s towers, and he can give away Trump Tower, but not Jerusalem to the Israelis. Donald Trump has been working hard to create controversy and headline news to distract the public here and around the world from his scandals in this White House surrounding the Russia probe.”

“He’s trying to create controversy strong enough to distract the attention from the fact that he and many people in his administration have been dealing a blow to our national interests, to our systems of governance,” added the CAIR ideologue. “He has been an embarrassment to our nation, an embarrassment to this White House and an embarrassment to our democracy.”

Awad referred to evangelical Christians as an “extremist religious group,” which he claims “somehow erroneously believe that God commands injustice by recognizing the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”

“We believe that Donald Trump is empowering Christian religious extremism in the United States and that has to be scorned. We believe also that we as a nation can work together as we have done for ages, for decades, to oppose injustice,” he added.

Awad reminded pro-Palestinian groups in the United States to “organize” against Trump to make sure he doesn’t put the interests of the pro-Israel lobby ahead of the American people.

“We have to work together to amplify the voices of the oppressed people here and abroad,” said Awad. “Don’t be discouraged. This is the beginning to put pressure against apartheid Israel the same way we put pressure for decades to end apartheid in South Africa – apartheid is alive and well.”

The speaker said nothing of Palestinian extremists, who believe the land to be the sacred territory of Muslims alone, and have been conducting terrorist attacks against Jewish civilians in Jerusalem and the West Bank for decades.

Following the failed suicide bombing at the Port Authority on Monday, CAIR has released statements in defense of the terror suspect and relaying his family’s condemnation of the police. 

Source: PJ Media.

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

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