MILO Explains Feminists to Mother Concerned for Her Son – “Feminists are Bullies”

Advice from MILO for Dealing with Women

When a mother asked how she can protect her son from feminist bullies, MILO advised that he be “irresistible,” and even the lesbians would be begging him for a ride. 

“As the mother of a young son, my worst fears used to be drug abuse or terrorism,” the woman explains. “But now it’s the damage that my own gender may do to him in the future.”

“What do you suggest I teach him to protect him from attacks that women may put on him in the future, whether it’s a false rape accusation or anything else,” the woman asks. 

“Women’s sexuality is more malleable than men’s,” MILO says in response. “They’re quite easily nudged into lesbianism by bad relationships with men.” 

“My experience is that women’s political positions are similarly porous and malleable,” MILO continues. “And I think that if he is really, really hot, and wealthy, and successful, and desirable, women will give him a lot less hassle.”

“These feminists are bullies,” MILO adds. “If your son can make himself irresistible he will find that all of that strident feminism evaporates in an instant.” 

Watch the full interaction below. 




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  2. Dante Alighieri

    December 14, 2017 at 9:57 am

    MILO writes — …“They’re quite easily nudged into lesbianism by bad relationships with men.”…

    As a gay man, am I even allowed to laugh at that? (I’m so confused. I think I’ll just go sit in the corner and think about what a bad boy I’ve been.)

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