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Hampshire College Cancels Second Amendment Speech, Calling it ‘Very Controversial’

Hampshire College canceled a speech by Second Amendment activist and NRA commentator Antonia Okafor after administrators caved under pressure to complaints. 

Citing the Constitution is now too controversial for American colleges, apparently.

Antonia Okafor was scheduled to host a speech at the college on “Women Empowerment and the Second Amendment” on December 6 when the event was unceremoniously canceled with little notice.

The school contacted Rahim Hirani, who is a member of the Junoon club that invited Okafor to deliver her speech, informing him shortly before the event that they decided to cancel his request “because it did not have complete information about the presenter.”

Hampshire College’s interim director of campus leadership and activities Carolyn Strycharz demanded Hirani “explain why Junoon is sponsoring an event of this nature when it is not associated with the group’s mission statement.”

Speaking to DANGEROUS, Okafor pinned the blame on the college for caving to pressure once it received complaints about the planned event.

“Someone failed to do a Google search on me and then started freaking out once professors, students, and the media started calling in, demanding that I don’t speak tonight,” said Okafor to DANGEROUS.

Hampshire College sent a letter to Okafor informing her of the cancellation, stating that they did not cancel it “because of the speaker, the subject of the speech, or the content,” adding that they only did so because the application form sent in by Hirani “lacked the necessary details” it required to host an event.

Okafor isn’t buying it, and tells DANGEROUS that Hirani, who regularly hosts events on campus, wouldn’t have made any mistakes in his application. She further points out that if the application were the only issue, the email cancelling her speech would not have referred to its contents as “very controversial.”

“They caved,” added Okafor. “Unfortunate that they are now dragging an innocent student into all this mess.”

Hampshire College has offered to allow Okafor the opportunity to reschedule for a later date. 

“I look forward to the truth and speaking at Hampshire again in the near future,” said Okafor. 

Speaking on Twitter, Okafor raised her frustrations with the college and pointed out how some students previously “celebrated” Veterans Day by burning the American flag.  

Antonia Okafor on Twitter

The Dean of @hampshirecolg (the same school that deemed the 🇺🇸 too controversial) has just now cancelled my speech scheduled in 2 hours. They deemed my topic: the second amendment… “very controversial” Stay tuned for details.

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