Corey Feldman Vindicated by Recovered Records of Him Naming Abusers

Weeks after the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office denied that Corey Feldman ever reported his allegations of rape to the police, authorities have recovered the records.

Speaking in an interview with Today in October, Feldman identified individuals he said were involved in a Hollywood pedophile ring to the police in 1993. The sheriff’s office denied the claim, stating “Our records do not indicate that he named any suspects,” prompting many to doubt his claims.

In addition, the former child star revealed the identities of two of his alleged abusers to the press as convicted sex offender Marty Weiss and his former assistant, Jon Grissom, whom he previously described in his 2013 book, Coreyography: A Memoir.

Following a further look at the archives, police now claim that they have audio recordings of Feldman’s 1993 interview, which was taken during the police department’s investigation into Michael Jackson’s molestation charges.

Feldman, who starred in Stand by Me and The Goonies, defended the late pop star, stating that he never molested anyone.

In a statement to Fox News on Tuesday, Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office public information officer Kelly Hoover wrote:

“Following the recent inquiries into the Sheriff’s Office interview of Mr. Feldman in 1993, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office conducted an additional review for any stored items remaining from the Michael Jackson investigation.

In a container which included the original reports from the investigation, the Sheriff’s Office located some detective working copies of audio recordings made during the investigation. A copy of Mr. Feldman’s interview was located.

The recording is being turned over to the Los Angeles Police Department. Due to the fact that this case involves the alleged sexual abuse of a child, we are unable to comment further and any documentation or evidence related to this case is exempt from release.”

Feldman is currently raising $1 million for the production of a documentary intended to shed light on alleged pedophiles in Hollywood who sexually assaulted him and his friend Corey Haim, who passed away from medical complications with pneumonia, contrary to widespread reports that he had died from a drug overdose.

Source: DANGEROUS, Fox News.

Source image courtesy of Rachel Worth/



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