MILO Triumphs Over Liberal’s Footwear Folly, Raises $2,100 for AU’s One Nation Party

Australia’s One Nation political party can thank a violent leftist for a recent $2,100 donation, which was raised by auctioning the shoe thrown – poorly – at MILO during a Sydney event.

Hanson, who became friends with MILO on Tuesday, spoke to Andrew Bolt on The Bolt Report on Wednesday. 

“Milo reflects what I believe in,” Hanson said. “You’ve got to stand up to those who want to put you down, if you have a difference of opinion, you have a right to have that opinion.”

“The left of politics are so abusive, aggressive and nasty,” she added. “They feel that if you think anything differently to what they do, they’ve got to shut you down.”

Her comments came after violent protests occurred outside of MILO’s show in Melbourne, and after a protester threw a shoe at him in Sydney.

Now, the abusive politics of the left will contribute to Hanson’s One Nation party after MILO auctioned the shoe for $2,100. 



The woman who was hit in the head by the shoe was also invited onstage with MILO.

MILO will be performing his Gold Coast event on December 7 and a limited number of tickets are still available. 

Images Via Nathan Richter

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