THALES: Curious About Helicopterism? Let Me Explain.

Helicopterism: the idea that someone who actively attempts to install a tyrannical, murderous ideology in your country is due a free, one-way helicopter ride with a destination somewhere over the Pacific.

On my honor, sir, I thought commies could fly. It’s certainly more likely than the notion that Socialism could ever work.

One of the great tragedies of history, in this columnist’s opinion, is that Marxism was not as thoroughly discredited as Nazism. Both are tyrannical, murderous, genocidal ideologies bent on achieving some imagined form of human perfection.

Nazis, of course, were obsessed with racial purity, and descended into a genocidal (and ultimately suicidal) madness. Marxists are obsessed with a different kind of purity. The modern Social Justice Warrior, merely a new variation of Marxist who has replaced economic classes with social, racial, and cultural classes, is also an ideological purist.

Instead of bourgeois capitalists, we have straight white males as the ultimate boogeyman. Like the Kulaks in the USSR, there are other possible permutations. Being a fabulous (and dangerous) faggot did not protect MILO from the wrath of the Social Justice Warriors. Neither, of course, did Clarence Thomas’s skin color protect him from Democrat rage and accusations of racial treachery.

The purity spiral is the inevitable result of this kind of thinking. It is how Communist purges come to pass, and it can be seen in the SJW world today, wherein even the most rabid SJW who, for a moment, questions the narrative, is soon pounced upon by his erstwhile comrades. For now, they don’t have any gulags or death camps, but if they ever gained power, it is not difficult to imagine what they would do with it. For the time being, they must rely on character assassination instead of the more literal variety.

Concurrently, even the most vile of sins can be forgiven if you have the right politics. Sarah “butts” Nyberg remains a classic example of that line of thinking. Phil Sandifer, the self-described post-modernist Marxist occultist, explained that it was terrible to attack Nyberg for this, because she was a prominent SJW. The assumption, of course, is that political purity and prominence were both far more important than keeping your paws off of 8 year old relatives.

The spirit of General Pinochet grins with anticipation. Both of these Marxists are owed long-overdue free helicopter rides.

In John Martino’s I Was Castro’s Prisoner, a non-fictional, first-hand account of an American in a Cuban prison after the revolution, an interesting fact about Marxist thinking is revealed. John Martino noticed that almost all of his fellow prisoners were incarcerated for political reasons. Many of the guards, on the other hand, were former violent convicts. The latter provided Castro’s regime with a convenient supply of murderous psychopaths to enforce his edicts.

In the Marxist world, physical crimes are often excused because of power imbalance, or oppression, or economic conditions. Whereas political crimes are seen as the worst of the worst. This is one reason antifas have a habit of referring to everyone who isn’t a raging Communist as a Nazi. To them, there are only pure, good Communists, and evil, capitalist Nazis. The world is divided into the pure and the impure, and the impure must be destroyed.

Helicopterism, both as a funny meme, and as a grave warning to Marxists, is the recognition that the Communists want you dead. And if they ever come to power, if they ever touch off that revolution they keep blathering on about, it’s going to be us or them. The joke will stop being funny, and will become deadly serious. We will lob them out of helicopters and laugh about it. Watching SJWs, who thought they were tough and were on the “right side of history” flail in the wind, flapping their arms like birds, will be grim…but hilarious?

We’ve started to see shades of this in protests across the country. Many of you may remember Based Stickman, and the joyous occasion when the stick he was named for impacted a thoroughly dense Commie skull. Antifa brought violence, yes. But Based Stickman and his compatriots brought pain in return. It will be the same when the SJWs start resorting to murder, as Communists inevitably do. Then the glorious sound of incoming helicopters will echo in the distance.

For now, however, they merely tacitly support through suicidal immigration policies designed to encourage Muslims to migrate to the West in mass numbers, and through a complete disregard for border control.

The recent brutal murder of a border patrol agent is exactly the sort of thing that will ultimately lead to helicopters. Illegal aliens beat a border patrol agent’s skull in with rocks. A second agent was also beat with rocks, but appears to have survived. Donald Trump was derided for saying that Mexico often sends America criminals and thugs, but there is a little objective proof of his assessment. If enough agents are attacked and murdered, we may see violent illegal alien repatriation via helicopter. Or trebuchet, over the Great Wall of Trump.

Either way, like Fidel Castro, Phil Sandifer, and other assorted Communists throughout history, the physical violence is excused or even encouraged, and wrongthinking politics is condemned as the ultimate sin. I’ve no doubt that in the minds of most SJWs, Islamic immigration critics are considered worse than the illegal alien who beat a border patrol agent to death. They ought to be more careful. If they bring about a world where political violence is excused, they might not like the results very much.

The point of helicopterism is to know your enemy, and be unafraid to call him the enemy. It is also a warning to SJWs: if your goal is to eliminate us, then morally there is no wrong in us doing the same to you. If SJWs want to take this game to the next level, they should be prepared for others to do the same.

For now, it’s an amusing bit of dark humor. If SJWs want it to stay this way, they need to back off and put away their violent Socialist revolution rhetoric. Because if they do any of that bullshit they are saying, it will go very badly for them.

Thales is a DJ, Byzantinist, sad puppy, and another defender of the West woken up by social justice idiocy.





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