MIKE MA PRESENTS: This Week in Clown World

At what point do all the surreal happenings of now become too much for the human race to handle?

Do they happen just slowly enough for us to adapt, or are we conditioned to bear more and more as time drags on?

If life is nothing but a simulation, did our architect turn up the rate of Muslim truck attacks and gender reassignments to maximum? If nothing really matters, then why does it all hurt so much? Why does my step-dad think Kohl’s gift cards and playful wrestling will stop me from calling him a “ultra gay f*ggot”?

Let’s take a look at this week in clown news:

Transgender excuses the criminal actions of illegal immigrants because of ‘white nationalism.’

The only thing worse than an activist transgender, is one who can’t be bothered to at least somewhat transition to the opposite sex; even worse than that is an ugly one. This mess of a human is both, and a racist.

Intrigued by this, I investigated his account only to wish I hadn’t. There’s a porn account as well, which I will spare you of.

In related news, transgender adults are now 14 times more likely to commit suicide, according to a brand new study from Canada.

400 meter long ‘asteroid’ enters our solar system from interstellar space.

Here’s something extra special for this week’s list: A unidentified, cigar-shaped object has entered our system, a first in NASA history. Never before have we seen something come from another star, and the first thing that does is “unlike asteroids seen in our solar system…”

Add it to the list of “Threats to Humanity,” alongside estrogenic food/water, millions of migrant imports, tech advancements, and traps (AKA “girls” with feminine dicks).

University newspaper publishes article entitled ‘Your DNA is an abomination’.

Now the problem here isn’t this being published, as it falls under the increasingly expanding confines of free speech and democracy. A lot of reactionary conservatives get angry over things like this just after explaining that it’s okay to call Mexicans “border-hopping rapists on cocaine” because of the Second Amendment. Well, guess what, that means psycho commie lefties can say their piece too.

The problem here is this: The antitheses of these sorts of articles can’t and don’t exist in today’s media. There are no pro-white articles because that would be too “racist” for publication (at least in anything that reaches more than 150 people).

Another problem: it’s an objectively horrible article.

“Whiteness will be over because we want it to be,” the author, Rudy Martinez, wrote. “Until then, remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist. You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die.”

Who’s the behemoth-sized madman behind this piece, calling for the end of me and my people’s existence?

Oh, it’s just some twinky f*ggot with a bad haircut. Imagine for a second that you travelled back in time to tell the forefathers of America that their race would be under attack by what seems to be the set extra of a low-budget, 1990s LGBTeen movie. Actually, don’t waste your time.

I, Mike Ma, personally challenge Rudy Martinez to eradicate my whiteness. Maybe we could duel like old times! Something tells me you don’t shoot too straight, anyways.

Still no motive for or video footage from the Las Vegas shooting.

Self-explanatory Clown World content. Why can’t we know why 50+ people were shot from a hotel with heavy video surveillance? How did Stephen Paddock get a small militia’s worth of guns and ammunition up to his room without a tidbit of concern? Why’d he do it?

Oh well, I’m sure the FBI and CIA have our best intentions in mind like always!

In ‘Largest-Ever’ military drill, U.S. orders 16,000 troops, 230 jets to simulate war with North Korea.

As if everything else wasn’t wild enough, the looming threat of nuclear warfare looms a little closer (or so we think). It’s hard to decipher anything about war with North Korea anymore between the infinite threats from Kim Jong Un and the tactical pussyfooting of American neocons. What is known for sure is that it’s never a bad time to make sure your bugout bag is stocked and your Pip-Boy is charged up.

Bitcoin passes $13,000 a piece.

After a strange week of highs and lows, Bitcoin has returned to it’s nearing of $12k a share. Looking at it historically tells us that mark isn’t a hard one to reach.

The peak Clown World outcome of Bitcoin is the American people’s exodus from the U.S. dollar into something exclusively nerds bought counterfeit money and weed with only a couple years ago. The Federal Reserve brought to its knees by a currency that doesn’t actually exist. Actually that doesn’t sound too different from our current situation, other than a shift of who holds the power.

Does revolution against economic slavery rely on an electronic coin? Maybe, maybe.


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