WATCH: MILO Speaks About Julian Assange

During one of his events in Sydney on Tuesday, MILO was asked what he thought about the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange. 

MILO, who has been defended by Julian Assange in the past, stated that his initial views of the WikiLeaks founder have evolved over time. 

“My views on Julian Assange have evolved for cynical and self-serving reasons,” MILO explained. “I used to think he was a traitor and a muppet, and then I thought maybe that is just because the stuff he’s releasing doesn’t suit my political prejudices, so maybe I should rethink that.”

“As time has gone on, I have come to view him as something of a hero and a savior,” MILO added. “I think that the release that he did with the Guardian a few years ago was a little reckless. I think the Hillary Clinton stuff was probably in the service of democracy.”

MILO on Julian Assange

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MILO is, of course, referring to the Clinton Email Archive which was released by WikiLeaks on March 16, 2016. The release contains 50,547 pages of documents from between June 30, 2010, to August 12, 2014. 7,570 of those emails were made by Clinton herself. 

Assange has never been secretive about his distaste for Hillary Clinton. 

In a 2016 Facebook Live interview with the New York Times, he said: “What we were drawing attention to is the transformation of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party into the national security candidate by whipping up a neo-McCarthyist hysteria about Russia.”

“That attempted re-framing by Hillary Clinton to declare media organizations that are publishing material that shows illicit activity within the DNC to fix the election for her as somehow us being Russian agents,” he added. “Her campaign has effectively, and maybe even directly called Donald Trump a Russian agent. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, is also being called a Russian agent. This is neo-McCarthyist hysteria. What kind of press environment is this going to lead to post-election?”

Assange recently referenced MILO in a tweet warning about censorship. 

#FreeAssange! (tweets by campaign)⌛ on Twitter

Milo Yiannopoulos granted visa to Australia to speak. Palestinian human rights campaigner denied visa to speak. If you deny rights to others, when power flips, they are denied to you.

Although he has to live his life hiding in an embassy, it is probably the best place for him, especially considering Crooked Hillary insinuated that a drone strike would be the best way to stop WikiLeaks.

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