MILO Wows Australian Parliament With Jokes, Facts, and Fashion Advice

While speaking to the press and Australian senators on Tuesday, MILO shuts down those that doubt the veracity of his views by stating he “would be much wealthier, much happier, and much safer if I were a liberal.” 

During the initial questions posed by Senator David Leyonhjelm, MILO touched on topics such as whether he is a Libertarian or Conservative, identity politics, feminism, Islam, and the left, but the Q&A session of the event enabled MILO to answer questions he rarely gets a chance to address. 

“Some people might not take you as seriously as you should be [taken],” one audience member said during the Q&A before asking why MILO makes “edgy comments,” and what benefit they have. 

“Enough people took me seriously to start hurling things at police officers, my audience takes me very seriously, I think millions of people take me perfectly seriously enough for me,” MILO responded. “I have certainly not found the reach of my message limited, nor its effectiveness blunted, by the way that I speak. Quite the opposite.”

Another question, which was intended to be a joke, was asked by a Muslim woman. 

“Hi, I was just interested in the type of shampoo that you use,” the woman said. “Is it the same [used by] Geert Wilders and Donald Trump?”

“Well, I just use whatever is in the nearest Ritz-Carlton, which is where I live,” MILO responded. “But I am a fan of John Freida “Brilliant Brunettes Satin Shine Finishing Crème,” which if you have yesterday’s hair like I do today, and you want to spruce it up a little bit before a press conference, it works wonders.”

After insulting MILO’s fashion sense, one left-leaning man asked: “Do you genuinely believe all the things that you claim to?” before adding “Or are you now essentially working as a character?” 

“Thank you to the lady in the middle for that next question,” MILO joked. “If I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t say it. There’s no value to me, social, financial, or otherwise, in having the opinions that I have.” 

“I would be much wealthier, much happier, and much safer if I were a liberal,” MILO added. “I would have a TV show by now if I were on the left, quite clearly.”

Watch the full event below. 

MILO Speaks at Parliament

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