Professor Offers Extra Credit to Students who Attend Drag Show Event

A professor at MiraCosta College has offered her students extra credit if they attend an on-campus LGBT-ed Talk on“hetero-normative sexual education,” and “internalized homophobia.”

Campus Reform reports the Anthropology professor, Alexis Tucker-Sade, bribed her students with the option via her website, encouraging them to attend the November 17 event. 

According to the assignment, the event, which Tucker-Sade noted she would be attending, would host 11 different speakers who would address “hetero-normative sexual education, the importance of a Pride center on campus, internalized homophobia, and much more.”

After the speakers presented their points, “entertainment will be provided in the form of drag performances, dance sets, and other types of artistic expression.”

To gain the extra credit, students would have to stay at the LGBT-ed Talk for at least two hours. They would also have to write a one-page report on what they learned at the event and note what links it has to their Anthropology course. 

The course offers several extra credit options, all of which follow a leftist narrative. 

As well as the LGBT-ed Talk, Tucker-Sade’s students have the opportunity to earn extra credit by attending a lecture on climate change, and a “Social Justice Symposium.”

Campus Reform reports the “Social Justice Symposium” will feature “student presentations, art, and performances on topics related to Social Justice.”

Naturally, some students disagree with the professor’s bizarre offer, arguing that the events mentioned only appeal to leftists, not Conservatives. 

“It isn’t fair that conservative students have a teacher that forces her political views on the class,” one anonymous student told Campus Reform.  

Tucker-Sade did not elaborate on the offer she presented her students, Campus Reform reports. 

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Sources: Campus Reform

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1 Comment

  1. zxq9

    December 5, 2017 at 7:41 pm

    Holy crap. That’s a professor?!?

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