MILO Meets: Monica Crowley

MILO is joined by political commentator and long-time Fox News contributor Monica Crowley, to talk about President Donald Trump, the Clinton Cartel, and the long list of sexual misconduct scandals in Hollywood.

After talking about President Donald Trump’s love for the country, and how that is possibly his biggest motivation when running for President, the conversation moves to how he talks directly to the public, using Twitter rather than the mainstream media, and the genius of his tweets.

“What is Donald Trump’s best tweet?” MILO asks before he and Crowley burst into laughter.

“Well, there are so many to choose from!” Crowley responds. “[It’s] Only because this is his most recent outrageous one that it’s coming to mind right away; It’s the Al Frankenstein tweet.”

“And you know what the best thing about that is, and I know it’s not an accident, is that he transposed the “I” and the “E” so that it was “Al Frankenstien” instead of “Al Frankenstein,” MILO says. “And you know it’s on purpose because you know he wants to bait reporters into correcting his spelling so that the main point is granted as fact.”

“That is the great genius of Trump,” MILO adds.

“And they’re all retweeting the tweet!” Crowley says. “He is so far beyond them he’s playing three-dimensional chess.”

“He throws out a bright shiny object, and the entire press corps goes chasing it, ” Crowley continues. “And what they’re not realizing, is [that] what he is doing in the two or three days that they’re all repeating the nonsense tweet, he’s talking to the Chinese about North Korea, he’s dealing with a whole range of economic issues, he’s rolling back well over 800 Obama-era regulations to get the economy going.”

“So while they’re not looking, he’s actually doing the job he was elected to do,” Crowley concludes.

Watch the full interview below.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jay

    December 11, 2017 at 12:09 pm

    Amazing, dangerous thoughts, amazing, dangerous ideas. Big thanks to both of you.

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