VIDEO: MILO Slams Sex-Predator Culture in Media and Hollywood

After speaking out about the sexual harassment he faced from former Daily Telegraph editor Damian Thompson, MILO doubled down on his scathing criticism in an interview with Kyle and Jackie O of KIIS FM.

After discussing several topics, the conversation turned to the recent firing of NBC’s Matt Lauer and MILO’s personal experience with sexual harassment.

“It doesn’t surprise me about these guys,” MILO said referring to the most recent revelation sexual misconduct by a leftist. “I’ve met enough of them to know.”

“I myself, I won’t name the guy on air, but I just today wrote a story on my own experiences with this, and it’s the subject of my next book,” MILO adds.

“With someone of notoriety?” one of the interviewers, Kyle, asks.

“A very, very prominent influential journalist in London who sexually harassed for half a decade,” MILO explained. “Dangling career promises, money, and all the rest of it, whilst trying to get me to do stuff.”

“Trying to get you to do sexual things?” Kyle asks.

“He tried and failed and then when eventually when I said ‘this is not going to happen’ he spent the next five years trying to destroy my career,” MILO continues. “Classic Weinstein behavior. My next book, DESPICABLE, is about Hollywood and the media, these sorts of behaviors.”

“Very powerful, in many cases, highly hypocritical men who will lecture the rest of us, tell us how we should live, who boss us around, who scold us for sexist language, meanwhile they’re whipping their bits out in the dressing room and telling young producers to get on their knees!” MILO adds. “These people are hypocrites and abusers of the highest order.”

“We haven’t even seen the start of it,” MILO concludes.

Watch the entire interview below.

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