MILO 10k Tickets Sold

MILO Live in Australia Sells Over 10,000 Tickets

MILO’s Australian tour has sold more than 10,000 tickets.

MILO called the response to his arrival in Australia “very positive” and said it was “uniformly delighted” by his eagerness to fire shots at some of Australia’s most well-known personalities, including former prime minister Julia Gillard.

Australia is the largest audience outside for MILO after the United States, and prospective attendees have expressed eagerness to see the outspoken political firebrand in person, revealed by the success of the ticket sales and the sellout crowd.

Intimidated by his personality, The Project, Studio 10, and the Today Show canceled previously scheduled interviews with MILO at the last minute after they realized he wasn’t going to be a pushover.

MILO remarked in an interview with that liberal Australian journalists like Waleed Aly and Karl Stefanovic “have assumed that I’m dumber than I am, assumed that I was some kind of idiotic reactionary Trump-voting lunatic or something, then they realized this person’s quite complex and complicated and interesting and obviously very popular.”

Studio 10, which cancelled its scheduled interview, was previously disgraced during MILO’s now famous exchange with Jessica Rowe. The presenter, who declared herself a “proud feminist,” prompted MILO to respond, “I’m sure they’ll cure you soon, there’s chemotherapy for that.”

Despite the cancellations of scheduled interviews with MILO, others in the media have been keen on delivering the news of his arrival to the masses.

“’I tell the truth, not caring who hates me,” said MILO to Daily Mail Australia. “That terrifies media people, because they can’t win against me with their usual weapons, which are ridicule, snobbery, name-calling and fake allegations of racism and sexism.”

Speaking to Mark Latham’s Outsiders, MILO has expressed a desire to debate with left-wing personalities like feminist commentator Clementine Ford.

“I want to come over, and I want to show these people that banning, and petitions are not the way. Discussion and dialogue is the way so I would love to see her, to debate her—this fruit I can tell you is a lot more delicious than that one. I want to see the best that Australia has to offer in terms of left-wing activists, campus crazies, and all the people in the media, because I want to demonstrate to Australians at home that you don’t have to just be scared and cowed into agreeing with these speech codes and these politically correct points of view.”




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