EXCLUSIVE: Lefty Gay Landlords in Portland ‘Evict, Harass, Blackmail’ Trump-Loving Transgender Tenant

When transgender woman Edie DePoorter-Dixon wore a “Make America Great Again” hat to a gay pride event, she says it was the first time she felt “completely myself.”

“I felt like I had to hide from the gay community,” she says.

DePoorter-Dixon, 30, who came out as conservative in 2017, says she used to identify as a liberal until she witnessed the political left become intolerant to fellow Americans with differing political views and more tolerant to the actively homophobic ideology, Islam.

After announcing her support of President Trump, in an interview with the New York Times, she swiftly was fired from her job as a dance performer at a gay club and lost virutally all her friends.

That would be the least of her worries. Now DePoorter-Dixon has found herself nearly homeless, having been harassed, blackmailed, and evicted by her former landlords in Portland, Oregon, she says.

The two landlords, who she described in an e-mail as “EXTREME LEFTISTS,” were married, middle-aged gay men that adopted a son from Russia. She moved into their property last February.

“I knew to keep my political beliefs to myself because these were two liberal gay men,” DePoorter-Dixon says. “But when you have videos going viral with more than a million views it’s hard to prevent them from possibly having a friend who may see me,” she adds, referring to a recent appearance on the Blaze

Around early August, the gay landlords discovered their transgender tenant was a Trumper and began incessantly harassing their boarder, trying “to debate with me and yell at me as if they’re yelling at Trump,” she says. “They hounded me.”

She informed them, “I will not speak politics with people I live with because I don’t want there to be awkward situations.”

Then things got worse, eventually leading to blackmail allegations.

The landlords increased the rent, without notice, DePoorter-Dixon claims and bullied the Republican roomer with petty complaints like, “leaving the faucet on too long while I brushed my teeth.”

Early one morning the landlords woke DePoorter-Dixon up with a feverish text message about President Trump’s proposed policy to allow hunters to import elephant trophies.

“I advised him that Trump only approved trophies killed with government approval and that if he had issues that he needed to call his senator numerous times and I asked him to leave me alone,” DePoorter-Dixon explained. “He continued to harass and message me on Facebook where I had to just block him.”

According to DePoorter-Dixon, the same landlord decided he had seen enough of the deviant dweller. He texted her immediately after she blocked him on Facebook, “pointing out the differences in our political views” before giving her an eviction notice.

“I then pointed out all the laws they have, and are, breaking and that I was going to go to the media, press charges,  and call the Child Protection Services for their overtly sexual activities in front of their adopted son,” she claims. DANGEROUS was unable to verify those claims of sexual activity.

Then, ten hours after she informed them of her intention to report these alleged sexual activities, the two men allegedly fabricated a text messaged from their adopted 15-year-old son to show DePoorter-Dixon had at some point asked the child to squeeze her boob.

“It was clearly scripted. They started telling me that if I spoke out against them publicly, they would turn me in for molestation,” she claims.

“What I reported to the authorities, what I have witnessed, is apparently not against the law but this is proceeding in civil court where I have been advised not to talk about at this time,” she says.

“I most definitely am not going to leave Portland,” DePoorter-Dixon vows. “Portland is my home and has taken great care of me until extreme leftism took over, so I can’t desert her when she needs me here the most.”

“Once I got fired from being able to perform in Portland’s gay clubs, I’ve thrown myself full time in the new right movement, traveling city to city if I can,” she explained. “Currently, I’m working on my ‘Debunking the Gender Fluidity Myth’ tour which is expected to hit the road Spring 2018.”

“Portland’s LGBT community is already talking about counter protesting by encouraging all LGBT liberals not to attend my show, which is funny because I wasn’t even expecting any of them to show,” she added.


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images courtesy of Edie DePoorter-Dixon



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