WATCH: The Trailer for MILO’s Next Book, DESPICABLE

Taking readers on a journey into the sordid, sexually-abusive, hypocritical world of Hollywood, MILO’s forthcoming book, DESPICABLE, paints a horrific picture of men, women, and children abused and intimidated by the richest and most powerful people in America.

Set for publication in May 2018, DESPICABLE maps out the links–financial and otherwise–between Hollywood power players and the Democrat Party. For the first time, MILO speaks in detail about his own experiences as a victim of sexual assault as a child, and about the sexual harassment he received in the media industry as a young journalist.

In DESPICABLE, Conservatives in Hollywood lay bare the difficulty in getting projects off the ground, and the ostracism they suffer for their political and religious beliefs, and MILO explains how an industry that once inspired the world became a cesspool of moral decrepitude.

Watch the trailer here:



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