VOX DAY: How the Left Laid Waste to Comics and Sci-Fi Publishing

In the culture war engulfing America, there are many fronts. Some are apparent to everyone, such as the purging of right-wing figures from Facebook and Twitter. But a less well-known battle is being waged in science fiction publishing, where a steady convergence in the industry has all but eliminated straight white male authors from the catalogs of the major sci-fi publishers.

California is known as a bellwether state. Political, cultural, and demographic trends tend to appear in California first before metastasizing throughout the United States. It is not an accident that both no-fault divorce and Valley Girl uptalk both happened to have their roots in California.

In the same way, the comics industry can be considered something of a bellwether industry, at least when it comes to the culture war. Even before the university campuses descended into social justice lunacy, the two industry giants, Marvel and DC Comics, hired executives who promptly turned their companies into left-wing propaganda factories.

The extent of the convergence cannot be exaggerated; it is literally worse than you can likely imagine. From a transsexual Thor to a gay Hispanic Spider-man, from tedious lecturing and hectoring to homosexual marrying and villains celebrating girl power with heroes in lieu of fighting them, the culture warriors in comics have insulted their fans, rejected their roots, besmirched their heroes, and befouled and be-fattened the formerly beautiful.

In some culture war fronts, such as public bathrooms, the social justice Left aggressively pushes forward and attacks the traditional values of the Right. In others, the Left only placidly guards the territory it’s already taken as the process of SJW-convergence turns once green, fertile land into waste. And recently the Left is reeling in dismay as the resurgent Right begins to reclaim what was previously lost.

And, as we’ve come to expect from the Left, their incessant moralizing has served to cover a myriad of sins;  Eddie Berganza of DC Comics was fired last week for sexually harassing both co-workers and comics fans, while just three days later, his successor was fired for as-yet-unspecified reasons.

Comics fans have responded to the social justice infestation by refusing to buy these corrupted abominations. According to the distributor Diamond, October’s unit sales were down 20 percent from last year and there are no reasons to believe that the decline will stop any time soon, as one of Marvel’s worst SJWs, Brian Bendis, just moved to DC Comics, where Superman fans fear that he will destroy their favorite superhero as thoroughly as he as destroyed various Marvel franchises.

You may quite reasonably ask yourself why any of this matters; after all, comics are a small and relatively unimportant market. But the comics of today are the movies of tomorrow. They are the seeds of tomorrow’s culture.

Much of the moral, philosophical, and cultural rot we see today was already visible in comics more than a decade ago. It is a small front in the cultural war, but it is a significant one.

And more importantly, it is an opportunity for the Right to demonstrate that there is no cultural ground, however converged with identity politics it may be, that is beyond our ability to reclaim from the Left.

That’s why I am working with comics legend Chuck Dixon and other experienced artists to create new heroes, to create new stories, and to win back the West by reminding us of who we are… and who we are not. In the process of making America great again, we must make that which is recognized as one of the original American art forms great again, too.


Vox Day is the author of the political philosophy bestseller SJWs Always Double Down and the creator of Alt★Hero. He blogs daily at Vox Popoli.



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