University Creates Ludicrous ‘Consent on the Dance Floor’ Guidelines

Princeton University recently developed instructions in an attempt to show students “what consent on the dance floor looks like.”

It looks a lot like people who will be sleeping alone tonight.

The guidelines, which were posted on Facebook and shared by the university’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources, & Education (SHARE) office, were created by Princeton’s  UMatter initiative in an attempt to ensure students understood consent during the annual Orange and Black Ball (OBB) that took place Last Friday. 

“Going to OBB this Friday? Planning to have a great time tearing up the dance floor with your friends?” the Facebook post asks. “Great! Check out some tips about what consent on the dance floor looks like!! #OBB #RespectMatters #ConsentIsCool #DoYouWannaDance?”

According to the guidelines, “Do you wanna dance?” should be the opening question for any student attempting to find a dance partner. “Absolutely!,” “Yeah! Let’s do it!,” and “I’d love to!” are responses which give consent. 

According to the Facebook post, students should not only ask for consent but should also be “frequently checking in with your dance partner” in order to maintain consent. 

The guidelines claim that asking dance partners, “Hey, are you still into this?” and suggesting “We can stop if you aren’t,” is a good way to ensure the consent remains. 

According to Campus Reform, a university spokesperson explained the infographic was “created by a student in the U-Matter program, is one in a series of reminders and opportunities for discussion on respectful behavior, be it on the dance floor or anywhere on campus or off.”

“The infographic isn’t in response to any type of problem related to dances or dancing,” the university spokesperson added. 

One might surmise that the creator of these guidelines has never ‘danced’ with a member of the opposite sex in their life. 

If your dance partner wants you to ask if they’re “still into this” every two minutes, imagine how bad the sex would be. Find a better dance partner. 

Featured Image Via Facebook/Princeton UMatter


Campus Reform

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1 Comment

  1. Dante Alighieri

    November 29, 2017 at 6:36 am

    I guess that rules out the Tango.

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