‘Mad Men’ Producer Calls Matthew Weiner ‘Emotional Terrorist’

January Jones, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, Matthew Weiner, Christina Hendricks, Jon Hamm and John Slattery. 67th Annual Peabody Awards Luncheon. Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. New York, NY USA. June 16, 2008.

Amid the sexual harassment allegations surrounding Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, producer Marti Noxon comes forward to defend Weiner’s accuser. 

Earlier this month, Mad Men writer Kater Gordon accused Weiner of sexually harassing her during a late-night writing session for the critically acclaimed series. 

During an interview with the Information, Gordon claims the showrunner said she owed it to him to get naked. She allegedly “froze and tried to brush [the comments] off” by continuing to work with Weiner that evening. According to Gordon, it was a “lose-lose situation,” as confronting Weiner would “end her career” but if she didn’t, it would “make it impossible to work with him.”

“I knew immediately when he crossed the boundary that it was wrong,” she told the Information. ” But I didn’t know then what my options were.”

“Having a script or some sentences cued up as an arsenal— like a self-defense harassment arsenal—I could have used that in that moment,” she said before adding, “it would have saved me years of regret that I didn’t handle that situation differently.”

Gordon was let go from Mad Men a year after the alleged incident, despite winning an Emmy for her work. 

“I had the Emmy, but instead of being able to use that as a launch pad for the rest of my career, it became an anchor because I felt I had to answer to speculative stories in the press,” she stated.  “I eventually walked away instead of fighting back.”

During a lengthy social media post on Friday, Mad Men producer Marti Noxon said she believed Gordon. 

“I was at work with her the day after what she described transpired. I remember clearly how shaken and subdued Kater was — and continued to be from that day on,” Noxon wrote in one of a series of tweets. 

Breitbart reports Noxon also called Weiner “devilishly clever and witty,” but an “emotional terrorist who will badger, seduce and even tantrum in an attempt to get his needs met.”

“Everyone at Mad Men, regardless of gender or position, was affected by this atmosphere,” Noxon claimed. “Why did we not confront him more or report him to our parent companies? Well, for one, we were grateful to him for the work and truly in awe of his talents. For another, it was hard to know what was real when moods and needs shifted so frequently.”

“I believe Kater Gordon,” Noxon concluded. 

According to Variety, Weiner publically denied the allegations during a promotional appearance for his new book later that day. 

During a Q&A session at Chevalier’s Books in Los Angeles, Calif, Weiner was given the chance to comment on Gordon’s allegations. 

“The allegation is not true,” he told the host of the Q&A, Jenji Kohan. 

Weiner expanded by stating sexual harassment is a “very important topic” that “has been an obsession” in his work. 

“For like 92 hours of the show, we wanted people to be having this conversation. It’s great that we’re having it. It’s a very serious issue. It’s great that we’re having this conversation,” Weiner said. 

Kohan asked Weiner why Gordon would accuse him of sexual harassment, to which Weiner replied, after stammering for a second, “I don’t want to speak to someone else’s character, but I will say this: I have hired dozens of women over the years and dozens of people.”

“I am a demanding boss. Especially in the early years, it was very hard to do it. I had a lot of stress and – you know this – it’s very lonely,” he added. “When I think back on it, if I had to do it differently, letting people go and being mad about having to rewrite everything – I was just angry a lot of the time.”

“The person I am now would definitely do it in a different way,” he said, referring to how Gordon was released from the show. 

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1 Comment

  1. SterlingMaloryArcher

    November 19, 2017 at 3:25 am

    Oh the liberals eating their own..

    Feeling bad about the women actually physically attacked/drugged since all this “he was mean to me” getting equated to “sexual assault” is gonna make everyone mentally check out and ignore their legitimate cries.

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