Pizza Parlour Vandalized After Conservative DC Comics Artist Eats Pizza There

The subject of a relentless smear campaign in the comic book industry, Donald Trump supporter Ethan Van Sciver is no stranger to attacks from self-professed antifa members and other leftist colleagues.

Now, they’re coming for places where he spends money.  

The artist alleges that those angry at him may be taking their efforts up a notch after a comic book-themed pizza restaurant had its front door smashed a day after he visited the venue for a meet-up with fans of his work.

Best known for his work on DC Comics’ Green Lantern and Batman, the openly-conservative Sciver faced accusations of being a “Nazi apologist.” He has been targeted by Dan Slott, writer on Amazing Spider-Man and Disney’s Spider-Man cartoon, and comic book critics like Kieran Shiach and Tim Doyle.

“Comic artist Ethan Van Sciver is either a legit homophobic Nazi or is pretending to be one. Either way, I’m no longer supporting him,” wrote Doyle in May.

According to The Daily Caller, there is no evidence of Sciver’s supposed political beliefs. The only “proof” offered by his critics is a 2007 sketchbook published by DC Comics depicting comic book villain Sinestro as Adolf Hitler called “My Struggle.” In the comics, Sinestro is more or less Space Hitler, so the comparison is apt. Sciver’s critics fail to mention that another one of the artist’s sketchbooks is titled “Manifesto,” and is designed to look like a communist book, replete with Russian text.

Despite being neither a Nazi nor a communist, Sciver has received threats from social justice warriors outraged by his conservative beliefs and support for Donald Trump.

ComicArtistPro Secrets on Twitter

SJWs threatened me, if I performed for fans at Gotham City Pizza. I went anyway and entertained a crowd, drawing Batman. Next morning…

A day after he visited Gotham City Pizza Parlor in Ormond Beach, Florida, the business posted about an attempted break-in. Word of the vandalism spread on social media and comic book communities.

Gotham City Pizza

Attempted break in last night reporter Christian Hoffer detailed the events on Twitter with claims from Sciver, the owners of the pizza place, and a police report that somewhat undermines Sciver’s allegation that the violence was directed towards him.

According to Hoffer, the pizza place owner had initially believed that his business had been just one of 20 other businesses in the area robbed at night, but was now uncertain because of the threats Sciver received and that the attempted-break in of his business did not match the other crimes in the area.

He wrote:

You’re going to see a lot of nonsense about this over the next couple of days – it helps to know your facts. Following up – the owner of the store noted that, while there were several robberies in the area, the police don’t think they were related. He also stated that according to the police, the burglar/vandal had almost broken through the door, but stopped for some reason. He also said that [Ethan Van Sciver] did inform him of the threats earlier in the day.

“Anyways – while the owner’s initial FB post says that it was an attempted break-in, the owner told me that he couldn’t be sure now. Also – the owner said that the attempted break-in of his business did not match how the other burglaries in the area occurred. so….

Twitter accounts associated with the threats toward Ethan Van Sciver have since been suspended for violating the website’s terms of service, but one of them had warned the artist from going to the Florida restaurant in the days prior to his visit.

The artist’s fans have since raised $1,000 for Gotham City Pizza Parlor to repair the door.



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