President Of College Democrats Had Abuse Piled On by Fellow Members, After Advocating Free Speech

The President of the University of California, Santa Cruz College Democrats club, Weslyn Church, is facing backlash after advocating for the College Republicans’ right to free speech. 

One fellow liberal called her a “neoliberal, capitalist, racist, narc-ass cop loving, wall street zombie,” for standing up for the First Amendment. 

Campus Reform reports Church recently posted a defense of the College Republicans’ right to assemble after one of its meetings was disrupted by liberal protesters. 

“As the President of the College Democrats at UCSC, I stand in support of the College Republicans’ right to free speech and free assembly,” Church stated, adding if “this situation happened to the College Democrats,” the College Republicans “would do the same.”

“The organizers of this disruption harmed not only the civil debate that was ongoing, but also the studying experience of those in the library. These protesters should be ashamed of their un-American and undemocratic actions,” she continued, stating the College Republicans had been “nothing but polite and cordial.”

Church was immediately ridiculed by her fellow ‘liberals’ for siding with the College Republicans. 

According to one ‘progressive’, Church was “playing right into the fascists’ hands,” by “turning this situation into a discussion of ‘free speech.'”

Students also criticized Church’s use of the phrase “un-American,” as others claimed she was a “Becky,” an insult which describes a “white woman who uses her privilege as a weapon.”

This isn’t the first time so-called liberals have denounced one of their own for defending free speech. 

In February 2016, The College Fix reported a black, democrat student was labeled “Uncle Tom” for being the leader of an unofficial student group called Uncomfortable Learning. 

The group attempts to challenge students to think outside the progressive bubble of Williams College in Massachusetts by inviting controversial and thought-provoking speakers to campus. 

“I am to the left, I am a Democrat,” Wood told The College Fix. “I just happen to be very open to hearing different ideas. … I have friends who are conservative and I agree with them on some things. I am definitely a moderate liberal.”

Because of his belief in free speech, Wood was made a target by his fellow leftist students. 

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“I am black – I have been called an Uncle Tom, I have been called Ben Carson, it’s been said that I am Don Lemon’s child … I have been called Clarence Thomas,” he explained. 

“One thing people don’t know about me is, every day, one of the first things I do when I wake up is I think about the things I have the most conviction for and I consider — am I wrong,” he explained. “I question these things. It’s standing for intellectual freedom, for academic freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of speech.”

“I am willing to listen and talk,” he added. 

Wood went on to explain that there are two types of students that oppose freedom of speech. 

“Especially for some students of color, it truly does hurt them in a deep way,” he said of inviting someone who is considered racist to campus. “In the same way of Israel and Palestine, the issue of race for African Americans is sometimes such a sensitive issue.”

“What Williams needs to do a better job of is instructing students of ways in which they can separate the head from the heart and think critically about these pivotal issues,” he said. “If it’s just emotional reasoning, you’ll never see the other side. You’ll only look to confirm your own biases.”

“The other type of student is: You are my adversary, you are my political enemy, and I just don’t want you here you[sic]. I will do whatever I have to do — dramatize this, self-victimize, say whatever I have to say — to ensure you don’t step foot in my home,” he concluded. 

Unfortunately, for anyone who isn’t on the left side of the political fence, the second type of student is the most prevalent. 

Featured Image Via the Federalist 


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