Campus Bernie Supporters Love Trump’s Tax Plan When They’re Told It Was Bernie’s

College students surveyed about President Trump’s tax proposal could even explain why it was good, but they reverted to skepticism as soon as they learned it was Trump’s plan.

President Trump isn’t popular among college students, but that won’t stop them from embracing his views—provided they don’t know that they’re his. 

That’s precisely what Campus Reform did with students in a social experiment at George Washington University.

The website’s staff proposed President Trump’s proposed tax plan to several millennials who wholeheartedly embraced the pitch as a good one, even going so far as to explain why they thought it was good. They were under the belief that the senator from Vermont had come up with Trump’s provisions as elements of Sanders’ vision for tax reform.

When Trump first made the proposals, they were immediately dismissed as impractical by his opponents on the left.

The liberal students that Campus Reform interviewed expressed support for Trump’s proposed tax credit to make it easier for Americans to have and raise children, and they supported his proposed tax cuts for small businesses. They also supported getting rid of the Democrat-driven estate tax, also known as the “death tax,” which forces heirs and inheritors to pay for what deceased people leave them.

Once the students were told of the ruse and informed that the proposals they supported were a part of Trump’s platform, they said they were surprised by it, but remained wary due to their skepticism of his administration.

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